Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plans

Losing weight is often a favourite reason for teenagers, young adults and adults to go vegetarian. It is highly possible and easy to lose loads of weight by following the proper vegetarian weight loss meal plans. However, you will need low calorie vegetarian meal plans if you want to successfully lose weight by going vegetarian.

Studies show that vegetarians generally have healthier body weights and are thinner than meat eaters. On the other hand, it is definitely possible to be an overweight vegetarian.

How to Gain Weight on a Vegetarian Diet: Eat a lot of junk food like chips, chocolate, soda Eat a lot of take out like pizza, fries and high fat veggie burgers Eat a lot of cheese and full fat dairy products

How to Lose Weight on a Vegetarian Diet: Eat lots of vegetables Eat lots of plant based protein Drink fortified dairy free milk such as soya milk, almond milk, rice milk or hemp milk


So what exactly should you eat to lose weight on a vegetarian diet? Easy Veggie Meal Plans takes the confusion out of vegetarian diets by providing low calorie vegetarian weight loss meal plans that show you exactly how to lose belly fat fast. The protein rich and vegetable filled vegetarian recipes in this program are the key to unlocking the healthy vegetarian in you.

Here is an example of the low calorie vegetarian recipes included in her Easy Veggie Meal Plans.

Seitan Stir fry Calories 385, Fat 12gr, Carbohydrates 44gr, Protein 21gr

*Seitan: also known as wheat meat or wheat gluten. Even though it comes from wheat, it is not a carb, it’s a protein. It contains 31 grams per 3 oz! It resembles meat in look and can be made to taste like all kinds of meats, fish and seafood. The texture varies if it is baked, boiled or reheated in the microwave.

1/4 cup Seitan

2 cups broccoli

¼ cup onion

½ cup brown rice cooked

2/3 cup snow peas

½ cup celery

1 cup bell pepper

1 tsp. Toasted sesame oil

1 tsp regular sesame oil

2 tsp. sesame seeds

Celtic/ Himalayan salt to taste

Garlic powder or fresh garlic to taste

Ginger- optional

Hot pepper- optional

Soy sauce

Sauté seitan, broccoli, bell peppers, celery, snow peas and onion together in a small amount of oil and water. Add sesame oils, salt, ginger, hot pepper, soy sauce and garlic to taste and sauté 2 mins. Boil rice and salt in water until soft. Al Dente style preferably (slightly chewy)

Follow simple, easy, and budget-friendly vegetarian weight loss meal plans to lose weight without sacrificing your health, wallet, or taste buds.

Source by Sophia Rodriguez


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