Vegetarian Vs Meat Lovers

Non-vegetarians may find it fascinating how some people are able to give up meat and become accustomed to an entirely different lifestyle. The truth is vegetarians make that switch for quite a number of sensible reasons.

Most vegetarians claim that most of them have chosen to make the switch to a meat-free diet for at least one out of three reasons.

The first and most common reason is that there are various ethical problems that arise from eating meat. Most people may think that debeaking chickens, forcing them to live in small cages, and slaughtering them when they don’t produce eggs fast enough is inhumane.

Most vegetarians also find it bothersome to have animals live in such crowded and stressful environments. The fact that most of these animals are fed with hormone-laden feed doesn’t help either.

People who become vegetarians because of this often draw ethical boundaries at different points, depending on their ethical beliefs. For example, some vegans will not even eat yeast, wear wool, or eat certain vegetables like carrots, which require killing the plant to harvest.

On the other hand, some vegans, also referred to as pseudo-vegans, actually think that it’s okay to eat fish and chicken on a regular basis.

The second most popular reason that most vegans make the switch is because eating meat conflicts with their dietary preferences, while some simply don’t enjoy the texture and taste of meat. Others avoid meat for health concerns, especially those who are having problems with high cholesterol.

The third reason that most vegetarians cite as their reason for conversion is the fact that consuming meat hurts the environment. According to them, the consumption of meat causes farmers to continually deforest vast lands in order to make way for cattle grazing land.


These are just a few of the reasons that people switch to meat-free diets. In fact, there are quite a number of smaller vegan groups who chose to avoid meat for entirely different reasons than the ones listed above.

Source by Laura Rosewall


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