Vegetarian Diet Does Not Guarantee Weight Loss

People are puzzled by the fact that they switched to a vegetarian diet and the diet didn’t show positive results, in other words, they haven’t lost any weight. But the fact is that this has nothing to do with the vegetarian diet, in fact vegetarian diet is highly recommended like other fruit and vegetable diets full with fibers. The reason why a vegetarian diet doesn’t work is because the person on the diet didn’t stick to the diet plan. Whether you are eating meat or vegetables the concept of the diet remains the same, burning more calories then you put in. If you fail to follow this guideline you can eat only cabbage or carrot all your life and still gain weight.

Vegetarian weight loss diet needs to be equally planned as any other type of diet. Your nutrition has to be balanced in order for the diet to work. You need foods that will provide the body with all the nutrients needed like proteins and you should make sure to avoid foods that are low in fat. Just because you eat vegetables doesn’t mean that you will not store fat as some types of vegetables are known to help in storing fat. The way you prepare the food also has a great influence on the effect of the food.

Frying your food will of course result in more fat, so boiling or stir frying your food with low amounts of natural herbal oil is recommended. Like any other type of weight loss diet, the vegetarian diet needs to be planned well and it relies on simple basic concept, burn more calories than you put in. Failing to do so will mean the failure of your weight loss diet. Don’t be quick to judge the diet just because it promises foods that have low fat in it, the way you eat that food is what counts.


Source by Stan John


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