Vegan Weight Loss

When you watch the television on, you see people all the time who have fallen ill because of the lack of a healthy diet. People are therefore more open to disease because they don’t have the right foods inside them to tackle the diseases. Pills and a trip to the doctor isn’t necessary when trying to prevent illness, the answers are in front of us all day, everyday. It’s never been more true that you are what you eat.

You see, you’re body needs things to survive and over a long term you begin to realize that the diet is so much more important than before. Many of us have been touched by cancer. Whether it is someone close to you, or yourself that has been touched by this unfortunate illness. If you are one of the lucky few, you are likely to see in the news at some point that someone has been struck down with it. And its the people that don’t smoke, or drink alcohol or do other drugs that tends to scare us.

So why are the getting cancer? We’re not scientists and expect there to be a number of reasons why, but what we do know is that diet does play a major part. There are certain foods that are missed from the diet that can actually help prevent cancer as I’m sure you have seen in the press and media lately. This is quite an important article, we would recommend bookmarking it in case you want to come back to it later.

1: Carrots. This is another old favorite. Carrots contain “carotene” which has been known for a long time to fight cancer. And of course, they are good for the eyes.

2: Broccoli. Not a favourite for everyone, but you would be surprised just how much it can do for you. Just one serving has nearly 97% of your daily vitamin C in take for the day. It is also a known good source of calcium.

3: Beans. Very good for helping combat prostate cancer, but they also are a good source of fiber. And hey, eat them the night before and the following morning will be fun…

4: Apples. An apple a day will keep the doctor away. This is could not be any further from the truth. Apples are packed with vitamins A and C. They also help lower cholesterol too.

5: Oranges. These taste fantastic so theres no excuses there! There is still a debate on whether or not they do actually help fight against a cold but they also help prevent many forms of cancer. The vitamins can also help lower the swelling that you may have encountered after exercise.

6: Seaweed. Doesn’t always look appealing, but it is packed with iodine, calcium, magnesium, and iron. This is excellent for preventing cancers.


7: Onions. Did you know that half an onion a day will lower your cholesterol. It does also make tears in your eyes, but that said, its a good thing! It can help those with asthma as it also opens up the sinuses. These are good for helping to fight stomach cancer.

8: Garlic. Well, this does many many things for you. It does help prevent almost everything from heart disease to cancer. We actually suggest further reading on garlic so that you can get an idea of what it can do for you!

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