Vegan Vs Vegetarian – What’s the Big Deal?

Good question and it’s one I used to ask myself. Most people who turn to a vegetarian diet, do so for various reasons including: health, environmental and ethical. But the very reasons people turn to a vegetarian diet, are the reasons why people should look into veganism.

Health: Cheese and eggs are full of trans fats and cholesterol. Vegan food contains no cholesterol whatsoever. If you are concerned about heart disease and stroke, then a vegan diet is well worth looking into. But isn’t a vegan diet boring?

Maybe 20 or so years ago but nowadays a vegan can eat plenty of soya based foods – which are cholesterol free – such as ice-cream, cakes, biscuits and vegan cheese dishes. Of course, these foods do contain sugar so as in any diet, you need to limit these. The point is, is you do not have to live on peas and cabbage if you are a vegan. This is one of the biggest vegan myths there is. Not all vegans live in trees and practice yoga all day – however appealing the idea may be.

Environmental: You cannot be a true environmentalist unless you are a vegan. You can recycle all the plastic bags you want to, but by eating a vegetarian diet you are adding to the very problem you are trying to stop. Billions of animals are bred, reared, transported and killed every year for eggs and dairy produce. Those very animals need to be “disposed” of when they are of no longer use which adds to environment pollution, as does the transportation of the animals. The dairy and egg industry is not a by-product of the meat trade.


World hunger: It always amazes me that most of the people who campaign for an end to world hunger are not actually vegan. World hunger could and would be solved if people went vegan because the grains that we grow to feed the animals – who in turn feed us – could be used to feed the starving population.

What do vegans eat?

This is where it gets surprising. You can choose to be a junk food vegan and eat a variety of goodies. As mentioned above a vegan can eat ice-cream, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, rice puddings, trifles, chocolate sponge puddings, soya based chillies, sweet and sours, curries, roasts and pies. These foods contain no cholesterol so are healthier for you. However, most of the worlds healthiest foods are also vegan. Fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, pulses, beans and grains are just a few of them.

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