Vegan Diet – Explained For All

Who can keep up with all the diets out there? It’s hard to tell one from the other, each claiming to be the best. There are just so many to choose from. There is one, however, that is making quite a stand. This is the Vegan diet. Many do not fully understand what this is and we hope you’ll have a better understanding after you read this.


The diet was actually developed in 1944 in another country by two very dedicated individuals. They had seen how people warmly welcomed the lifestyle of being a vegetarian, but you cannot confuse the two. Many have made this mistake before and have been corrected for it. There is a big difference between the two and those of both diets are very proud of their decision.

While in 1944, this diet was very popular; it was not popular in the United States right away. It has been said that trends take time to reach the Untied States when they are started elsewhere. That is why in 1948 a society was created for those in this country who wished to pursue the vegan lifestyle.

When you read of the traditions of a vegan and then the beliefs of a Buddhist you will find that they match up rather nicely. This is not by coincidence. In theory, because the Buddhists see animals sacred, they in fact sort of created this diet that is so well known today.

While a vegetarian will not eat any dairy and will not eat meat, the vegans take this a step further. While they believe like vegetarians and do not eat the meat of animals, they advance it to the point that they do not wear the clothing of animals either.

There are people on both sides of the vegan lifestyle. There are those who avidly follow it and say it is a great idea. There are others though who say that there is no way one can be a vegan and be healthy. They say that almost all clothing is made out of animals. The debate continues to grow as more things are tested on animals and more rights are taken away.

There is not just any one subtype who practices the vegan diet. There are some who practice due to spiritual beliefs. There are those who are animal rights activists. Teenagers are very prone to becoming vegan as they can be influenced both by what is popular and what is out of the mainstream.

There has been quite an increase in people who have gone vegan. It is shown by the way that restaurants are making vegan friendly menus. College campuses where half the population eats on campus are doing the same thing.

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