Vegan and Vegetarians = No Weight Loss

I love hearing how people will be heavy meat eaters all their lives and all of a sudden they need to lose weight, and then decide to go vegan or vegetarian for a week. Now, I’m not talking about my friends that have made the switch due to an ethical viewpoint overnight, I’m speaking about those that think this “diet” will equal weight loss for a week.

I have met many vegetarians and vegans that are still very unhealthy and overweight. They over consume many white, processed foods, grains that are still full of chemicals, or they consume enormous amounts of soy-meats to substitute the “meat” that was previously in their meals. The bad part is that they are not taking into consideration that they are all still highly processed! They then become discouraged because they are still overweight and still unhealthy and don’t know what else to do. Does this sound familiar? I once saw this vegan who used to microwave ALL his food and ate white bread everyday and thought he was healthy because he doesn’t consume meat.


Now, on the flip side, I have many friends that are super healthy vegans and vegetarians, and probably the healthiest people I know! There is something that they did that the others that weren’t successful didn’t do, and that was that they educated themselves FIRST before they converted to see what worked best for them. They didn’t just decide to not eat meat and not know what to eat as a substitute. Let’s take a moment to be clear for a second, I’m not saying that you need to convert or that you don’t it is a personal choice that everyone has free will to live their lives they way they choose. I just think that it is important to educate yourself first from a professional on what would work best for YOU! You can still be a healthy person if you decide to consume a small amount of animal products once and a while. There are always alternatives to what works best for you and keeps you on the right track to health as well.

My main objective is not to judge anyone and the decisions they choose. My main purpose and vision is to help people to become healthy at whatever level they are, and or ready to stay at. My goal is to also teach them to transition to a more natural, healthier lifestyle with meat consumption or not.

Source by Jen Colalillo


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