Using a Weight Bench

When it comes to using a weight bench, you would expect a weight bench that is sturdy and padded that allows you to lie, sit or kneel on to lift weights. To get the most out of free weight training you need to have a weight bench.

Sure, you can consider lying on the ground, but for most weight training exercises, this will come to an abrupt and often painful halt when your elbows smack against the floor. Not only that, but it will also prevent your muscles from being able to work to their fullest, and your elbows won’t feel great either. Most weight benches come in a variety of designs, but the four most common benches can be adjusted to serve all these functions.

1. Flat: A flat bench looks like a long, narrow piano bench, with padding and metal legs.

2. Vertical: A vertical bench will look like a formal chair, with the seat back straight up and is perfectly comfortable for weight training. This bench offers back support and prevents you from straining your lower back muscles during your weight training exercises, that you would perform sitting up.

3. Incline: This bench offers a seat back that you can incline and adjust so that you can lie flat, sit up straight or position yourself at any angle in between.

4. Decline: A decline bench is sloped downward so that when you’re lying with your legs higher than your head, it allows you to strengthen the lower portion of your chest muscle.

When it comes to you choosing the ‘right’ weight training bench for you, make sure it’s easy to store, easy to maintain and clean, and that it offers you the four basic weight training functions.


Source by Kelly Anne Harris


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