Undulation Ropes and Your New Day


A sun-filled morning, a new opportunity, a fresh start, YES! You awaken, and lie in bed for a moment; seeing with your minds eye, YOUR not too distant future. You see yourself and you like what you see! A confident, strong, healthy individual, ready to take on the world. Then, get up out of bed and get ready because this is Your New Day. It can be just as you envision. Your fat loss begins RIGHT NOW.

One of the tools in your ‘Fat Loss’ toolbox should be – Undulation Ropes. This fat loss tool (also used in training Navy Seals) is a super-intensive workout that works many auxiliary muscles including: the forearm, traps and deltoids, and it also helps you with balance. In addition to the obvious cardiovascular benefits, undulating rope work increases strength and endurance of the shoulders, back, abdominal, arms, hips, legs, and hand grip. This simple and extremely effective workout, makes it an ideal tool for boxers, mixed martial artists, swimmers, surfers, basketball, baseball, tennis players, or anyone wanting to do serious fat loss exercise.

Your Cambridge personal trainer is able to determine the correct weight and size rope for your workout, and guide you through this intense fat burning exercise. Incorporated into your routine it will increase your overall strength, and soon you will be ready to approach the physical challenges of life with renewed vigor and confidence. Hike the White Mountains and leap over small streams. Climb a tall oak and and view the valley below. The world is yours to see, to enjoy, to LIVE in. Be at your best, to get the most out of it!


Source by Callie Durbrow


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