Two Effective Exercises to Reduce Chest Fat

One in every two men struggles with gynecomastia or the growth of man-boobs at least once in their lives. For you to be able to get rid of this confidence shattering appearance, it is imperative that you to learn how to reduce chest fat.


Exercise, dieting, use of natural supplement pills and surgery are perhaps the most popular if not the ONLY known ways of reducing chest fats. However, perhaps the most effective of these would be exercise and more importantly, particular workout routines aimed at shaping the chest in the correct areas. I have detailed two exercises below that will help reduce chest fat. One exercise can be done in the home and one preferably in the gym unless you have a weight bench.

Push Up Exercises

Push ups are the best exercise you can do at home, without the hustles of going to a gym or purchasing special equipment, to firm the chest area and reduce chest fat. However, it is wise to visit a physician before embarking on performing any such strenuous exercises for the much needed okay.

Push ups work by placing high levels of stress directly on the chest area and working the muscles intensely. Chest exercises like push ups are anaerobic exercise thus they burn predominantly carbohydrates.

For this reason, push ups will not help burn fat from the chest, but rather, they help add a certain amount of lean weight to the muscles which essentially will give them more shape making the chest fat less noticeable or even completely eradicating it if you only have a little bit.

Incline Bench Presses

Here, an incline bench as well as a barbell or dumbbells are required. Thereafter, the weights are loaded onto the barbell. For this exercise, you need to choose weight such that you will be able to do 10 to 12 repetitions for each set.

After loading the weights onto the bar, lie on the bench and slowly lower the bar down to your upper chest. For one repetition, raise the bar vertically and then lower it again. For maximum effect, you should inhale while lowering the weight, and exhale when raising it. To reduce chest fat, perform this exercise three of four times every week.

There are however a number of other exercises that can help you fight your fatty chest. They include:

o Door way chest stretch
o Chest Dip
o Wide grip chest press
o Dumbbell Fly
o Pull Over

All these exercises are well documented in the Chest Coach System which is a manual on exercise routines and diet regimens to help you reduce chest fat.

The craze at present seems to be with Ultimate Gynemax which is a gynecomastia pill that targets the fat stored in the chest. They give you a free specialized diet and exercise guide aimed at reducing chest fat with every order which is why it is known as a fast, safe and reliable way to aid rehabilitation of the chest into firm and sculpted form.

By following the above exercises or a specialist program, you will be able to reduce chest fat substantially in as little as four weeks.

Scott Pittman is an ex personal trainer who suffered with man breasts for 10 years ever since being a teenager.

Source by Scott Pittman


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