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Transfats still not curing cancer

Could it be that the conventional wisdom is correct for once?


Further research has shown that transfats, whatever health effect they have, have another effect.  They help your abdomen store fat. That’s bad, no one wants fat there.  So, bravo, nanny state, bravo.

Of course, the nanny state managed to make us all eat this crap for decades. but whatever.

I’m reading this guy’s stuff on fats and it seems like the fat wars winners are basically animal fats.

Basically, if you’re going to cook something, get some lard, render some tasty nitrate free bacon, or melt some butter before hand.

Also, watch the omega-6 ratios.

As I discovered recently, putting mayo on your carbs may ostensibly be healthier than using ketchup, but if the mayo in question is made of soybean oil and contain high fructose corn syrup, you’re still going to have a bad time.

I’d read the entire thing I linked, I can’t even pick a good part to steal because it’s all good.


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