Train Like a MMA Fighter For Cheap

You can train like an MMA fighter for very cheap, and with very little. Here are some cheap and easy essentials you’ll need to train like a MMA fighter:

Heavy Bag. A heavy bag is essential, and while they can be expensive at sporting goods stores, there are some cheap ways you can get one.

  • Look in the classifieds in your area, either online or in the local paper. Every now and then heavy bags pop up and can be had for cheap. Many times they are in very good to even excellent condition, as often people will get them new, then never really get around to using them full time. Even if you get a heavily used bag, it should still work perfectly. Any rips, throw some duct tape over it!
  • Make your own. You can search for ways online to make your own bag for cheap. Used mattresses, found foam, and other scrap material has been used for self built bags.
  • Sporting Goods Store. Even though this is the route we want to initially avoid, you still should keep you eye out for sales, as you may be able to find some cheap bags available. With the popularity of mixed martial arts, there are many new brands and styles of bags available, bringing down the sales prices. Also look into floor models bags. The one’s that the store uses to display. These are usually offered up at discounted prices.

Kettlebell. A kettlebell is a good and relatively cheap way to get in your strength conditioning. While a kettlebell can be somewhat pricey, it pays off in the long run when compared to joining a gym and having to pay monthly fees, or investing in pricey equipment which won’t compare to the brutal workout you’ll get with a bell. Here are some cheap kettlebell options:

  • Kettlebell handles. These are special handles you can get and then add weight plates, which can be found for cheap, so that you end up having a makeshift, yet still effective kettlebell. The good thing about handles is that you can change the weight, whereas a traditional bell is a fixed weight, and after some months you may need to progress to a heavier one, requiring another purchase.
  • Dumbbells. Getting a pair of dumbbells, (or dumbbell handles and separate weight plates), is a good, cheap alternative. You can do many kettlebell exercises with dumbbells, and you can perform more muscle building specific exercises with dumbbells. And they are generally much cheaper than kettles.
  • Classifieds. Again, with the popularity of kettlebell training lately, there is going to become an excess of unused bells showing up in the classifieds, either online or in local papers. Definitely give these a look and see what you can find.

Cardio Workout. You don’t need an expensive machine like a stationary bike or treadmill to get in a superior cardio workout. Here are cheap options for cardio workouts:

  • Sprints/Running. Get out and run! It’s free and very effective for cardio. Doing sprints is a great way to get in shape quickly and build up your cardio.
  • Skip Rope. Skipping rope is cheap and actually gives you a great workout. Simple rope skipping sometimes get’s overlooked amidst all the expensive exercise contraptions out there.
  • Drills. There are military style drills you can do and they require nothing, and very little space. Doing a circuit of drop down pushups, situps, and other simple exercises can be incredibly draining and brutal for cardio work.

Fight Training Instruction. You don’t need to join a class or hire a personal trainer to train like an MMA fighter. Here’s a little known cheaper option for getting proper training instruction on the cheap:

  • Online MMA fighting workout guides. There are actual workout guides specifically written for fighters that you can get online. These will provide everything you need to know for getting in top shape, doing the exact routines that fighters do. This is a great inexpensive option to get, compared to monthly training fee’s at a gym. Eventually you’ll want to get some sparring experience in, but until then a good fighters workout guide is excellent for learning how to train like a MMA fighter.

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