Time, yet again, To Fire That Trainer


Most people only have a few hours a week to work out.  You should be using that time as effectively as possible.  Doing exercises that are time consuming and produce no results are therefore a waste of time.


Going to the gym should be about creating change, you get stronger, you get faster, or you get to push your cardio longer and faster.  Sadly, the one thing that people want the gym to do, burn off the fat pounds, usually doesn’t happen.  First, your body fat is directly related to your diet and genetics and, second, you probably aren’t working out long enough to “eat what you want”.

Therefore, what is the thing with an adult being instructed to tug on a rubber band tied to the wall?  Some searching found that this is called “Band Shoulder External Rotation — Standing”.

Yes, no thanks.
Yes, no thanks.

Outside of building stabilizing (trainers love stabilizers, it’s latin for scam) muscles for an injured shoulder, standing still while pivoting your lower arm against the horizontal elastic band does what?  Nothing.  You aren’t building muscle, at least none that you need to build.  You aren’t burning calories…that is, you aren’t becoming faster or gaining endurance (unless there’s a new Olympic sport of arm moving in the non-arm wrestling variety).

So, what are you doing, Miss Band Shoulder External Rotation — Standing Person?


  • Wasted 10 minutes of exercise routine.
  • No gains
  • Made trainer rich for minimal effort


  • made stabilizer happy
  • Lack of any effort or exertion makes heart attack in gym unlikely

That “pro”, making the stabilizer happy, even if it’s the whole purpose behind the exercise exposes another lie about fancy gyms and their fancy equipment and their pretty trainers.  If you aren’t lifting real weights, the machines you lift at are doing the job that the stabilizing muscles are supposed to do in the first place!  That is, by using a exercise machine to do arms, for the sake of this exercise, focuses all the work on to the main muscle group, say the bicep itself.

Sure sure, let's work muscles 1,2, and 3 out in one block of exercises and a-g in another separate, pointless set of exercises.
Sure sure, let’s work muscles 1,2, and 3 out in one block of exercises and a-g in another separate, pointless set of exercises.

None of the stabilizer muscles – the things that guides your bones and joints while the big muscles do their work – are being exercised, the steel rotation points of the arm-machine are doing that.   Those metal rotation points are also doing work…against your joints.  Sadly, metal beats sinew.  Which means eventual joint pain.  So, anyway, now you’ve basically found yourself wasting time doing two routines for the price of maybe 2/3 of a real workout.  That is, you’ve done an arm machine and now you’re doing stabilizers and you still have probably only done less total work than a real exercise.

Time to rethink that exercise, Miss Band Shoulder External Rotation — Standing Person.  Instead, just curl some iron or do an overhead press.  Your whole body will thank you.


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