This is why you’re fat – you’ve been told to avoid fats

People drink low fat milk to avoid the fat and excess calories of milk.  Which is cute.  The whole low fat fad was cute.

whole milk is better than skim milk
keep it whole, please

What better way is there to turn nature’s perfect drink into soda?  Basically turning it in to a high glycemic index sugar bomb?  Take away the fat.


Of course, every knows about carbs now, right?

But there they are, buying zero percent milk.  It’s come to the point now that you can’t even find full fat greek yogurt in most supermarkets.

Wouldn’t want the calories and all that.

Who cares that calcium absorption is aided by the milk’s fat?

Or that the yummy vitamins in milk are fat soluble? 

I mean, what was mommy cow thinking?  Doesn’t she know that her baby calves are just going to turn into to fatties if they drink full fat milk?

Why that baby will get fat if it drinks mom's full fat milk
Do you know how hard it was to find this image?

Of course not. Again, the common sense approach is wrong.  The extra calories are meaningless because the glycemic index is lower for the whole fat milk.  That is, every website and advice columnist on earth pushing the low fat stuff is wrong.

Ok, admittedly, the glycemic index jump from full fat milk to skim milk is a mere 5 points, but you get my drift.  That is, Whole Fat Milk has a glycemic index of 27.  The glycemic load is 3.  That means that full fat milk is less fattening than the skim stuff even though it has more fat and calories.

Furthermore, say you’re the kind of person who likes to eat something sweet with your milk?  You know, you like a piece of chocolate cake or a cookie?  Well, all that fat may be lowering the glycemic index and load of your tasty snack.  Making that cake less fattening as well.  On the other hand, the higher glycemic index of the skim coupled to the inherent high glycemic index of tasty, chocolatey, sugary snacks may make it a more fattening indulgence.

By drinking skim milk, you are not absorbing calcium, vitamin A, or Vitamin D.  Probably, all the other goodies in milk have vanished as well.

But let’s take this global.  People are doing low-fat across the board.  They seek out low fat foods when the low-fat food is fattier than the non-fat version.  You’ve heard that fat taste good and that to make up for the lack of taste, food manufacturers up the sugar content?  right?  Well, what is it that drives a food’s glycemic index up?  Sugar.  Well, mostly fructose.  But still, you match that with the fact that the way to lower a food’s glycemic index is to add fat, like adding butter to french bread, and what you have is a recipe to keep the fat on you or to gain more fat than you otherwise would have gained if you had gone for the real, whole fat version of whatever it is you were going to eat.

The upside?  Well, you don’t have to feel guilty about your pizza.  Get the thin-crust and load up on the pepperoni.

But worse are the diet foods.  Your super weight loss smoothie is probably a low fat, high glycemic index belly bomb.  A quick rule of thumb is that protein is expensive and sugar is cheap.  Thus you get a slim shake which sells that it is calories you need plus vitamins without the fat.

weight loss shakes have too much sugar to work
24 grams of sugar to help you lose weight. not.

Ooops, it’s loaded with sugar and will be more likely to make you hungrier and fatter.

Indeed, let’s take a look at that ingredients list:

This is basically sugar water.  Good luck.
This is basically sugar water. Good luck.

Save yourself some money and do your middle a favor:  Skip the so-called diet drinks and drink the real deal, full fat milk.

Bonus fact, the glycemic index of certain sports beverages?  70.


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