The worst thing I’ve ever eaten.

Taking charge of your diet is an important part of weight loss…or better yet, preventing excess fat deposits from being added to your body in the first place.  Unfortunately, the people who sell you food aren’t your friends.  In fact, we’ve seen that the people who regulate your food aren’t your friends either.  So who is your friend?  Well, you are.  And me.  But mostly you.  Be your own buddy every time you get ready to eat.  Make it good.


Now, good doesn’t mean boringly bland.  I like pizza and I like chinese food.  I tend to make these for myself so I can control the sugar content and adjust for taste.  The point is to get and fat into your body to keep your muscles fed and your body healthy.  Carbs?  Well, that’s a long story but generally, let’s just say they shouldn’t be the focus of your meal.  Plus, making your own food keeps what I call corporate filler and idiot carbs out of your body.

Corporate filler is simply whatever is the cheapest thing the food manufacturer can put in front of you to make you feel like you’re eating something of value.  Cheap, edible, food that takes up a lot of space…well, that’s carbs basically.  Go to a restaurant and they’ll throw your entree on top of a pound of white rice or pasta.  Or, if you like pizza, well, you may end up with cheap white bread as dough.

Idiot carbs are the carbs that are mixed with fat to make something that is especially insidious.  That insidious mixture is fat and sweet carbs, think of cake frosting or the sugary syrup used to coat chinese food at the mall to make it palatable.  These carbs seemingly interact with the fat to make your body go into hyper fat storage mode.  All that readily available fat has a synergy in your body with the insulin rush brought on by simple stupid sugars.  Oh, plus you’ll be hungry again very shortly, ready to ingest more calories.

Now, calories aren’t your biggest enemies, it’s your body’s hormonal reaction to them that really counts.

Anyway, I got lazy.  I broke down and bought a premade frozen pizza, a new breadstick pizza.  And I figured, I need protein, I will buy a frozen Orange Chicken dish from an otherwise reputable Chinese restaurant.

The breadstick pizza was pure corporate filler.  Bland white bread covered with a dash of red stuff and a sad excuse for cheese covering that.   Think of someone taking Wonderbread and covering it with some tomato sauce.  Thick, fluffy, airy bread that’s sure to fill your tummy and make you think you’ve eaten a large, healthy meal.

The Orange Chicken?  Pure idiot carbs.  The protein portion was less than a handful of sad breaded chicken while the sauce was a cloying attempt at making the mediocre vegetables and chicken palatable to children, I guess.  So maybe 20 grams of protein with a cup of vegetables, all covered with 40 grams of simple carbs.

The sad part?  An adult could possibly eat these meals and feel satiated.  Maybe wash down the sickly sweet orange sauce with some beer and dip the breadstick thing into the included garlic sauce and survive the meal.  Only that meal is an insulin time bomb of the cheapest ingredients corporate America could find.

The pathetic part is that for the same amount of money, I could have made my own pizza dough and pizza.  I could have found any other easy to prepare protein to saute, but no.  I was lazy and I got punished for it.

Imagine though that you aren’t up to speed on this stuff and you ate one or both of these options.  You would have eaten either pure corporate filler on one hand or an idiot carb calorie bomb.  Either way, if this is your regular bachelor food option or if this is what you cook up for the family for a Wednesday night feast, you’re basically regularly inducing an insulin response that will explode your fat regions and pretty much erase any exercise gains you thought you had made.

Avoid the corporate filler and idiot carbs.  Eat something that gets the protein to your body without covering it in gloop of doughy fillers.


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