The Paleo Recipe Book Reviews

It’s been said that if you want to lose weight, and I mean REALLY WEIGHT… you have to change the way you eat! Now, naturally you can become a Vegan, however you do lose out on certain enjoyable nutritional value in your diet.

I was discouraged about going cold turkey on that one, no doubt, being from Texas and living the lifestyle of eating B.B.Q and Tex-Mex. But being slapped by my practitioner who emphasize that there is not an alternative if I want to be around when I’m 90 – so I had to change!

So, the most important quest in my life, is how to enjoy the foods I’d grew up with, and having the approval from my doctor. It had to be the Paleo diet. Naturally I dislike the term “diet”, and who doesn’t? But my discovery of the Paleolithic diet (abbreviated Paleo diet or Paleo diet), popularly referred to as the caveman diet, was simply a modern nutritional meal plan based on ancient recipes of wild plant life and various hominid animal species that inhabited the earth during the Paleolithic era – somewhere from a period of about 2.5 million years ago. The “Paleolithic Diet” from our ancestral heritage.

Now slapping myself in disbelief, I had come to a conclusion that in order to alter my nutritional requirements I needed to learn how to prepare my foods that consists of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, that excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

From this point on I knew I had to tighten up my belt and my choke on my pride, grab a seat and sit down and begin my in-depth investigation on the Paleo diet, and what I found was… “The Paleo Recipe Book,” a collection of intriguing recipes of organic whole-foods that not only taste good but was considered healthy for you. a diet reason known as “The Caveman diet”.

So what is the benefit of the Caveman Diet?

It makes sense to learn the benefits of this diet. I mean, you wouldn’t start a Fried Chicken Diet without knowing what the benefits are right? Come to think of it, the only benefit would be that you’d only have to wear sweat pants from now on. Thankfully, this recipe book is far more sensible. So without further ado… here are the top benefits of this Paleo diet book.

A Slimmer Waist-


That’s right, I said it. Since starting this diet I discovered that I can trim down, not over a long period but significantly. I lost twenty-one (pounds) that the vast majority was fat. Surprising I saw myself a lot thinner. The best part was it took about a week and a half more or so to see the results.

You’ll obtain more Energy-

It’s crazy, right? Imagine that when you feed your body what it’s biologically programmed to consume, you optimally function better. This low carb Paleo diet recipe had me feeling energetic and alive than I ever felt in my life. No more of those heavy B.B.Q parties and rich artisan foods that slow me down. A surge of life sprang through my veins that I couldn’t contain myself. It’s surely something you might take for granted, but to feel an energy that’s cleaner and healthier cannot be underestimated.

It’s Scientifically Proven to improve your Health!

In a recent scientific study, it’s proven that when you return to a traditional Paleo food diet it has a slew of medical benefits… even if you do it in as interim trial. A few benefits include improved blood pressure, decrease of insulin secretion, an increase of insulin sensitivity and improvement of lipid profiles. Alright, so what the heck does this all mean? Realistically eating food on the Paleo diet list can help reduce your chances of getting diabetes, heart disease and obesity. So, how cool is that!?!

So, finally what does this Paleo Recipe Book include?

• 370+ Paleo diet recipes

• Full pages of recipe photos for easy understanding

• Bonus 8 week meal plan

• Bonus Herb and Spice Guide

• Cooking guides, charts and reference sheets

• Cooking the perfect steak, choosing the perfect foods, etc.

Here is my recommendation for the best Paleo diet cook books that are on the market right now. Yea, you know you want this.

• Paleo Recipe Book – This is the product that I recommend most. It is the most comprehensive of all the cookbooks and the best place to begin. I also like it because it comes with supplementary products such as a Paleo diet meal plan, and a guide to herbs and spices.

• With admiration of the author – Sebastian Noel, of the Paleo Diet Life Style – I learned that he became somebody that really experience a hardship in his life and found retribution by writing the Paleo Diet.

In conclusion –

This is probably the best book you will ever need – it changed my life and even though you might consider regret, not in a million!

Source by David A Morales


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