The Cap Barbell Fitness Fid Bench Review

Let me begin this review by stating that in my opinion for the price and sheer quality you cannot find a better weight bench to begin weightlifting.

With a price tag of less than fifty dollars this lightweight little bench is reassuringly sturdy. However, not only is it very affordable it is also a piece of cake to assemble. The manual comes with clear and simple to follow instructions and there is also plenty of good advice on creating your own exercise routines.

Weight benches these days are not exclusively found in professional gyms alone but have also become a vital addition to the best equipped home gym as well.

When the majority of people think of a weight bench they make the association with the classical bench press exercise. But in fact they are much more versatile than that. With a weight bench you can perform a wide variety of diverse exercises.

With just a basic and inexpensive adjustable weight bench you can perform all manner of aerobic exercises and stretches as well as exercises for the abs like sit ups and crunches.

One difficult to find feature on other benches is a variety of positions for the backrest. The Cap Barbell Fitness Fid Bench has a total of four. These are the upright, flat, incline, and decline positions. This allows the complete range of dumbbell exercises to be performed. These include bicep curls, shoulder presses, chest flies and dumbbell presses.


Another great feature is the dumbbell holder. This provides easy access to your dumbbells during your workout routine. The hand grips are foam covered and very comfortable to hold when performing leg raises.

If you are considering buying this bench though you should know that it is built to support a user weight not exceeding 250 pounds. So obviously you cannot use this bench for lifting massive weights. However it is perfect for those of a lighter frame or those who are not into extreme bodybuilding and more concerned with muscle toning and general fitness.

I have had my own bench for a little over a year now and not had the slightest problem with it. I started with 10 pound dumbbells and now use 30 pound weights for the same routine. If I had to sum this bench up in three words I would say it is economical, durable and reliable. To be honest I don’t believe you can find a finer bench to begin weightlifting.

Source by Paul Rickett


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