The Best Healthy Diet For Weight Loss

So many people are looking in the wrong places on how to achieve optimal health and  weight   loss . Maybe you lose  weight  on a  diet  but all too many leave you feeling tired, sluggish, give you headaches, acne and require supplementary vitamins to see you through the day. They put a strain on your health when they should be improving it. Understanding why this happens will reveal the best healthy  diet   for   weight   loss .

Take a Look at Your Life

The world we live in puts a great strain on us to conform to an unhealthy lifestyle. Fast food outlets, eat-all-you-can offers, drive throughs. The list has only started. The convenient fast paced life we seek is inherently unhealthy and is the main reason so many of us are becoming obese.

Now you don’t need to completely sacrifice your lifestyle, simply adjust elements of it to make it a lot more healthy. For example, you can carry apples with you and eat them on the move which will make you feel full. Better still, go to the supermarket and select one of each apple to decide on your favourite.

Most  Diets  are Temporary


Most  diets  focus on one isolated aspect and cause an imbalance in the body and a strain on your energy levels. They generally give short term benefits but give little long term gain.

Additionally, you are forever told what not to eat, as opposed to what is good to eat.

 Weight   Loss  the Raw Food Way

The Raw Food lifestyle concentrates on maintaining a balanced  diet  at all times by eating only food with a high nutritional value. It is a  vegan   diet  and doesn’t include the use of any animal based products as they are generally the source of the worst fats, proteins and cholesterol.

Many people choose to start by trying it for just a day a week or perhaps just one meal per day. This will give a boost to your health and to your  weight  and you will feel a new found radiance as your body detoxes.

Raw Food is not heated above 118 degrees so retaining all the goodness and nutrition in the food instead of killing it through cooking.

A balanced Raw Food  diet  gives you all the nutrients you need. The fruit and vegetables are packed full of natural goodness and you will find cholesterol levels tumbling as well as  weight  falling off naturally.

Source by Christine Delareya


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