The Beer and Wings Are The Healthiest Things on The Menu

You are in an airport.  You are hungry.  You go to the bar.  What do you order?

beer is good for weightloss
no carbs please, we’re winning

I was once in an airport and sat down to eat and I came to a realization.  Wow, the healthiest thing to eat here is the beer and combo.  Bar food, almost as paleo as you can get.  Or at least, the least carbs you can find.

Basically, look at the choices presented to you.  Most places have the wings, the sandwich, the salad, and the pizza.  Really, the pizza if you’re lucky.  You aren’t likely to eat the salad.  And the sandwich is just sad.   But the wings…you can’t screw up wings (unless they microwave them, you should ask).

Yes Pizza  is still fattening, low carb pizza sucks
Just kidding, they probably also deep fry the pizza where you eat.
GMO food makes you fat
Notice a trend, all corporate filler, no protein?

I say eat the wings and beer.  I mean, drink the light beer, it’s low carb, and healthier for you than the soda.  Twelve ounces may only have 4 grams of carbs.  Compare that to ummm anything else…like milk is 12 grams, soda would be about 30.  The alcohol?  Your mileage may vary of course, but if 16 oz of ye olde generic light beer is going to set you off, then stop reading.  Get help.  Indeed, the only real detrimental health effects from the light beer will be if you stub your toe entering the airplane.  Oh right, it might dehydrate you, so drink some water too.   I’d tell you to drink water instead of the beer, but you’re not looking for justifications to drink water before boarding an airplane.

You can choose to satiate your thirst with soda, diet soda, beer, wine, shots.  Everyone knows shots are for desert.  And if you drink the soda then you are mainlining corporate carbs.  Diet soda?  Come on, you’re in an airport, you can do it but why?   Basically, aside from the chemical concoction that is diet soda which may or may not be good for you, the beer is the lowest carb drink you can drink.


Here are your options at most places:  wings, pizza, “sandwich”.  Have you seen these things?  The pizzas and subs are cheaply made and covered in gunk.  On the other hand, you cannot really screw up wings.

Going by a carb counting mindset, the wings are likewise the best thing you can eat.  Let’s see, you’re going to be sitting in a aluminum tube for over 2 hours after eating, nothing like some invigorating carbs, right?  That pizza will be tasty and it will be covered in some form of Sodium Nitrate (which is bad).  The chicken is full of omega-6’s but still, it’s protein and fat.  You will be happy and content because that’s what fat and protein does.  Just don’t order the sugar glazed wings (known as barbecue sauce) or breaded wings (a barbaric practice).

Chicken Wings diet food
Be sure to tip

Basically, we’re learning the wrong things health wise.  We’ve been taught to be scared of fat, to be suspicious of protein, but sold a bill of goods with carbs.   Who knew?


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