The Banana Diet For Weight Loss

The banana  diet  is pretty similar to the Atkins diet in its structure. The diet was created by the Sumiko Watanabe which invented the diet to help his husband lose  weight . The result was a 40 pound lighter husband and an increasingly more popular diet.

The banana diet is super famous in Japan where bananas are a hot item to sell. Everybody want to lose weight using the banana diet.


The diet plan is an easy one and as you might have guest is centered around eating lots of bananas. Here is a meal plan for just one day:

8 am: 2 bananas and water at room temperature

13 pm: any food you desire to eat

15 pm: 1 banana for a light snack

18 pm: you can eat whatever you want

You aren’t allowed to eat nothing after 20 pm and you have to go to sleep before midnight.

This  diet  works because what you eat at night usually gets converted into fats. If you reduce the amount of food you eat at night you will lose weight in time.

During this  diet  you have to stop eating any sweets. If you are overweight and use to eat a lot of sweets you will be amazed how fast you will lose weight following this  diet . All the candy and chocolate you can buy aren’t healthy or nutritious. All they do is make you fatter.

Sleep is a key component of this and any other  diet . Studies have shown that your metabolism functions properly only if you get a good night sleep.

Besides you can eat whatever you want for 2 meals, with the above mentioned exception of sweets. But who can eat only chocolate for a meal. I wish you good luck losing  weight  using the banana  diet .

Source by Andrew R


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