Weightlifting Tips Specifically For Football Players

As a former Collegiate and NFL player, I can attribute much of my success on the field to countless hours I spent in the weight room each week. This article, along with 10 others are going to give a glimpse to each young and aspiring professional football player the type of lifting and conditioning that is needed to be a GREAT player. Much of the information that I will share was taught to me by a number of excellent strength and conditioning coaches, I feel it my responsibility to share this information to help each young player to take their … Continue reading Weightlifting Tips Specifically For Football Players

7 Fast Weight Loss Tips To Speed Up Metabolism

These fast  weight   loss  tips will help you to drop a lot of extra pounds, if you need to lose quite a bit of  weight . These #7 fast  weight   loss  tips will also help you, if you are already in decent physical condition, to sculpt your body to an even greater degree. Any  weight   loss  tips to help speed up metabolism do just that. They help you. You still must have your overall fitness and nutrition plan in line with the goals you want to achieve. You need to be focused on each aspect of your plan. If you expect … Continue reading 7 Fast Weight Loss Tips To Speed Up Metabolism

Not Your Typical Weight Loss Tips

You have probably read hundreds of articles and visited many websites in search of weight loss tips. When you read these articles my guess is all of them have some weight loss tip about eating something healthy, or when to eat or how many times a day to eat. While all of these weight loss tips are great and very valid, you probably have them committed to memory. So rather than repeat the same weight loss tips stating to eat low fat foods and limit the sugar intake, these weight loss tips are all non-food related tips. These weight loss … Continue reading Not Your Typical Weight Loss Tips

Football First String Weight Workout – Hardcore Routine

This weight workout is called 100’s because it only consist of four different exercises, and doing all four 100 reps! These directions must be followed exactly as written! You will for sure see great improvement in size and muscle. For this routine you will need a watch with a second hand, and weights. Before getting started read the entire workout plan, and get all your weights together, The four exercises for this routine are as follows: Bench Press (to be done with 50% of your body weight, for example if your weight is 200 lbs. the weight you should perform … Continue reading Football First String Weight Workout – Hardcore Routine

Bench Press Blunders

“Don’t Let These #8 Mistakes Sabotage Your  Bench “ Did you know the average  weight  training enthusiast can barely  bench  press their own bodyweight? That statistic doesn’t even account for the people that don’t work out. Give yourself a pat on the back if you’ve conquered the feat of  benching  your own bodyweight. Don’t worry if you’re not there yet, you’re about to learn eight sure-fire methods that will help you earn bragging rights in and out of the gym. So what’s the big deal about the  bench  press anyway? You’re not playing sports or trying to compete, why is this … Continue reading Bench Press Blunders

Diet Plans That Work – 6 Easy Things Every Diet Needs

Tired of yo-yo  dieting ? We all are, a lot of  diets  can help you lose weight, but it all keeps coming back again after a while. So before you start Atkins or some other unhealthy  plan  to get thin, make sure to use these tips to find a  diet   plan  that works. #1: short term  diets  can work to get things moving again if you haven’t lost any weight for a while, but you should be thinking more about long term changes than short term fixes. If you go back to who you were with your eating habits, you’ll go … Continue reading Diet Plans That Work – 6 Easy Things Every Diet Needs

Acupuncture Weight Loss? Plus 5 Step Weight Loss Plan

I remember back in my senior year of high school – my best friend since 5th grade was living in France. He wrote that they didn’t like Americans much. “They think we’re all fat,” he said. With his own skinny frame, of course, he confounded their belief. But, he added a funny, or perhaps ironic capstone to the issue. “I went to a store, and they were selling statues of these fat people, and, at the base of each one was written, ‘American.’” Obesity is not only an American problem. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it’s a global … Continue reading Acupuncture Weight Loss? Plus 5 Step Weight Loss Plan

Weight Lifting Supplements – Do They Really Build Muscle?

Weight loss supplements are an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to muscle building… or so they say. When it comes to building muscle, most people want to make it happen as fast and as easy as possible. Just like losing weight, we wish that there was just a button we could press to make all of our weight drip right off. Well, unfortunately marketing corporations and companies know that. So they want you to believe that in order to gain 7 pounds of muscle in 3 days, you have to buy their weight lifting supplements. And on … Continue reading Weight Lifting Supplements – Do They Really Build Muscle?

Top 8 Weight Loss Myths – Debunked!

Maybe you’ve been struggling to drop the extra pounds you packed on over the holidays. Or perhaps successful weight loss has eluded you for years. Don’t lose hope though. You might just be going about things the wrong way. After all, there are loads of fad diets and myths floating around, and some of them sound downright sensible. If you follow the hype, you’ll be jumping from crazy diet plans to weight loss supplements and back again – all without any real results to show for your effort. Honestly, it can be tough to separate fact from fiction in the … Continue reading Top 8 Weight Loss Myths – Debunked!

Home Cardio Workouts

Why home cardio workouts? Because of the nature of the activity, they just work better for fat burning, as well as improving cardiac and muscular health. If I had a dollar for every time a new client came to me for fat loss advice and told me all they were doing to lose fat was walking around their neighborhood while gabbing with their friend I would be a rich woman. You might lose a little fat walking around the hood but you will quickly plateau if you don’t shake things up a bit. Research confirms that adding high intensity interval … Continue reading Home Cardio Workouts

3 Incredible Motivation Tips to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, one of the most common things I hear all of the time is this: “I’d love to lose weight, but I just don’t have the motivation and the drive to do it!” Sadly, this is a statement that is all too common in the modern world today. Saying this to yourself is like crushing your soul. You’re already giving up before you even get started, so why even waste the time thinking about dropping a few pounds? With a mindset like this, it shouldn’t be a surprise that weight loss is a battle that … Continue reading 3 Incredible Motivation Tips to Lose Weight

Vegan Diet Recipe – Best Tips For You

In order to make your body healthy, one solution for you is by making your own vegan diet recipe. Here are the tips for you. Tips #1: Choose the right food to consume The first tip is you must choose the right food to consume. You must really realize that when becoming a vegan, the choice of food for you is limited. Therefore, in vegan diet recipe you must really know which food made from the animal and which food is not, and also which food you may consume and which food is not. Tips #2 : Select the substitution … Continue reading Vegan Diet Recipe – Best Tips For You

Reasons to Buy a Weight Bench

Getting fit and right requires a lot of sacrifices to be able to attain what you wanted to happen for yourself and your body. There are a lot of things which you can do so that you would be able to attain the perfect body that you always wanted that is why there are many fitness equipment that are produced in the market today. What are the greatest equipments which you could choose from that will really fit your exercising needs? A weight bench is considered to be a best buy in connection with purchasing fitness equipment items. This is … Continue reading Reasons to Buy a Weight Bench

What is the Best Weight Bench For Me to Get Fit Fast?

If you are trying to get fit, you shouldn’t neglect any area of fitness.  You should do your cardio and eat right, but the number one thing that you need to do to get fit FAST is weight training, and if you want to do weight training at home you are going to need a weight bench. How to choose the best weight bench. #1.  Decide how you will use it.  Personally I like a flat weight bench with adjustable weight dumbbells.  But many people like a bench with a barbell stand.  It all depends on what kind of results … Continue reading What is the Best Weight Bench For Me to Get Fit Fast?

Love Handles Exercises – 3 Best Exercises For Love Handles

Although they sound cute, warm and cuddly, love handles, as you know can be anything but. They’re often stubborn little blighters too, requiring specific love handles exercises to train, tone and help to get rid of them. Here we’ll take a look at the #3 best exercises for love handles and how you can use them to get rid of your love handles starting today. Note that love handles exercises on their won’t eradicate your love handles. The exercises will tighten and tone the area around your love handles (side abdominals, external obliques), but love handles are essentially fat, and … Continue reading Love Handles Exercises – 3 Best Exercises For Love Handles

Weight Loss Motivation – It’s All in Your Mind!

A lot of people want to lose weight. Fact is, almost everybody wants to lose weight. This is why a lot of diet plans, exercises and just about any kind of weight loss programs sprang up to help the public with this problem. However, no matter how effective the weight loss program is, many individuals come out dissatisfied and discouraged and find themselves hopping from one weight loss program to the next until they get the thought that all programs don’t work. The thing is most of the weight loss programs work very well as a matter of fact, what … Continue reading Weight Loss Motivation – It’s All in Your Mind!

5 Easy And Fast Weight Loss Tips

Are you looking for weight loss tips that will help you lose weight fast or weight loss tips that will keep the weight off for good? There’s a big difference. It’s tempting to opt for the former type of tip. Looking for shortcuts and quick results are just a part of human nature. The problem is that you’ll be right back to square one when the weight comes back (and it will) when you lose weight quickly. Here are some weight loss tips that will help you do what is necessary to achieve permanent weight loss and look forward to … Continue reading 5 Easy And Fast Weight Loss Tips

Five Tips for Easy Weight Loss!

 Weight   loss  is a hot topic among people today, especially considering the fact that more than half of us are overweight. As we get older we often get busier, and before we know it, find ourselves in the prime of our lives and packing a few extra pounds. With so little extra time in our lives it is impractical to join the latest diet fad or commit to sweating in the gym for hours at a time. Are we all destined to grow outward with each passing year, or is there a simple way for us to reclaim our healthy … Continue reading Five Tips for Easy Weight Loss!

Top 6 Vegan Muscle Building Foods – Become a Muscular Vegan

If you are a vegan, I am quite sure that a lot people have been asking you how vegan muscle building is possible, how you get your protein and if you won’t get too skinny, etc. But it is a huge misconception that it is not possible to get protein from a vegan muscle building diet. It can be easier to get protein from different sources when you do eat meat, but as you probably know by now, it is not very healthy to eat meat in general. Not only can a vegan muscle building diet add more numbers to … Continue reading Top 6 Vegan Muscle Building Foods – Become a Muscular Vegan

Staying Motivated On Your Weight Loss Journey – 3 Tips

When we first set out on our weight loss journey everything is all very exciting and we are filled with what seems to be an endless supply of motivation. However, after #2 – #3 weeks our motivation can often decrease and start to waiver. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and very common! Even the most successful Personal Trainers experience this problem because at the end of the day we are all human beings. So to help keep your motivation levels humming along smoothly throughout the course of your weight loss journey, here are 3 simple tips that I personally … Continue reading Staying Motivated On Your Weight Loss Journey – 3 Tips