Surprise! Salt is now good for you…or not bad…or something.

I’m not going to brag or anything, but what I posted about mere months ago has caused the Centers For Disease Control to give up its war on salt.  As I pointed out, here, the studies about salt and health were BS.

salt is good for you.
Everything we just said is garbage.

I pointed out:

What’s relevant is the testing mechanism, they measured sodium in the urine.  So let’s put on our thinking caps.  What is the study really saying?  Ah yes, if your pee is too salty, drink some water.  There’s a preferred urine salinity level for health.  Too much or too little can hurt your health.  But to read this as to only being relevant to salt intake is insane.   if you break down and eat a whole jar of salted peanuts or olives or sardines, relax.  Your heart will keep on ticking if you drink a glass of water.

It turns out that, to quote the CDC:

the CDC study reported explicitly is that there is no benefit, and may be a danger, from reducing our salt intake below 1 tsp per day. What was absent about the report was is the difference between healthy mineral salts and iodized table salt.

everything you said is wrongBecause, duh, it’s the stuff you’re made out of.  So, enjoy being able to taste your food again.  and living.

I suppose there is one interesting part about this article besides the extreme gloat response it triggers.  Sure sure, there’s good salt and bad salt.  So they say.

Most scientific studies use processed table salt as a source of sodium which the body has a hard time physiologically to process unlike its natural counterpart sea salt,” said Dr. Jamil Najma who only recommends sea salt to his patients.

So, um, NaCL salt…sodium chloride?  has too much sodium?  So he recommends … sea salt?  Which is basically NaCl plus dirt?  ok….let’s not pick on the hippies.  I prefer Kosher salt but your results may vary.

Of course, what will this do to various American mayors who seem to think that it’s their job to regulate salt?  Some prescient genius wrote this:


So, salt and fat is bad because…why?  Oh right, old superstitions about basic elements of human life, the fuel for the 5-stage human machine, that are wrong.  At least, in the old days, people weren’t exactly hurt by the psuedo-science because you could still eat what you wanted.  But no, NYC’s homeless will apparently be eating in accordance with the Pritikin food pyramid.

Do you think that Nanny Bloomberg is going to change his mind?  As if…



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