Super Weight Loss Tips for Greater Success

Dieting, exercising, looking at labels, it all can be overwhelming for someone who already has a busy lifestyle. Use the tips below to ensure you’re eating the right items without having to worry too much.


Sugar is the biggest enemy to anyone wanting to lose weight. You may opt to try Stevia, a naturally sweet herb, which is probably one of the healthiest sugar replacements available. Be careful of sweeteners that contain Aspartame, as this is not a healthy option.

Please note that most of the commercially promoted health drinks and energy bars are laced with sugar and caffeine. A much healthier option for you would be water, as it will flush your system and prevent dehydration whilst keeping most hunger pangs at bay.

Avoid drinking fizzy drinks, beer and milkshakes like the Plague. Again rather drink water, at least six to ten glasses daily.

Make fish, chicken and turkey the cornerstones of your diet. Be sure to use very little oil in the preparation thereof. Use herbs for flavoring rather than shop-bought marinades and rubs.

Replace poor quality vegetable oils such as Cottonseed, Soybean and Canola with Almond and Coconut oil.

Steamed or grilled meals are better for weight loss than fried meals.

Incorporate as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible to ensure your body receives enough vitamins and fiber in order to stay healthy.

Recent studies established the benefits to one’s health as well as weight loss success of eating only raw foods, especially for people suffering from diabetes. I would suggest a gradual transition, if you are interested, starting with maybe one or two raw days per week for the first month, allowing your system to get accustomed to the change.

It is important to eat breakfast even if it is just a boiled egg and a tomato, but I found that eating a moderate breakfast does carry me through to lunchtime without having to cope with cravings. I would often have a small tub of yoghurt for supper and save my supper meal either as breakfast or lunch the following day.

Many a dieter found chewing sugar-free gum stops their cravings. It resulted in quite the opposite effect for me though, however try it out as you may have better results that I had. I prefer eating a few salted cashew nuts when I do crave for something to eat.

The best advice I can offer to you is to never quit, even after you went on a binge. Return to your healthy eating plan without any guilt, and you success will be inevitable.

Source by Venita Draznik


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