Stay Motivated To Lose Weight

To get that lean toned body we need to get a handle on the art of losing weight. The challenge is the change, going from where we are to where we choose to be. So how do we stay motivated to lose weight?

1) Tap into your real reasons for wanting to lose weight

A strong enough why conquers any how. When you really connect you will know about it. Usually it wont be because the doctor said so, or your mom thinks you should or to improve your blood markers. Its probably more to do with wanting to reap the benefits of improving the look and shape of your body. That’s a good reason too, and despite what anyone tells you it’s the reason most people get started on the path.

2) Make sure the reasons are your own

Of course any reason is good, so long as its really yours. You won’t be motivated by other peoples wishes or what you are told you should want.


Get passionate about your reasons. When you are it will stay with you, and you’ll be supercharged, not just with motivation, that ebbs and flows, comes and goes, but with passion. And passion is super powerful, and its for the long haul.

3) Use role models as inspiration

having the right role models is massively powerful. It reminds you that what you are seeking to do has been done before, there is a way,and they are proof. What they can do, you can too. Of course you need to choose appropriate role models. If the lean and toned look is what you’re after, choosing a bodybuilding champion is not going to be a great deal of help! Try a fitness or underwear model instead.

4) Find proof

Proof removes doubt. Having proof that you are on your way will spur you on.

5) Avoid the scale

There really is nothing to see here. Nothing worth knowing anyway. Your scale weight doesn’t tell you if you are looking better, but it is likely to make you feel worse. There are way to many factors like water weight, that come into the picture, and only cloud the issue of whether or not progress is being made. It tells you nothing about whether or not you are losing fat. Leave the scale to people who think they want to bulk up, while you stay motivated to lose weight.

Source by Michael Mukoyogo


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