Simply the Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Many people ask me ‘What is the best way to lose weight?’, the answer quite simple is that skipping is the best exercise to lose weight. Skipping is not just for kids, it is actually one of the best forms of aerobic exercise that you can do, it is also one of the cheapest.

It is low impact, it burns calories, is easy to set up and is lots of fun. You can use different types of   rope  to get different  workouts  or vary the method of skipping to focus on your arms or legs or just to change the intensity.

A skipping program is one of the best ways to lose weight and will really workout you legs, thighs, calves and butt as well as toning your arms. You can increase the  workout  your arms get by increasing the thickness of the  rope . You can buy a  heavy   rope  which increases resistance as you skip for a great  workout  for your arms and shoulders as well. You should be able to find them at most sports stores.

Before you start skipping make sure the rope is the right length. It’s no use if it’s too short. If the rope is too long you can usually adjust the length to suit you. If you stand with both feet on the middle of the rope, the ends should come up to your armpits.

As you start skipping keep your arms low by your hips, and use your wrists to move the rope rather than your whole arms. Your back should be straight at all times and shoulders relaxed.

You will find a few different methods right away. The easiest way is skip in a kind of walk. Alternate which leg goes forward, left than right. This is a low level intensity but still gives your full body a workout.


If you are comfortable with this then you can try jumping with both legs at the same time. It requires a bit more energy but you will find it easier as your fitness level increases.

Try to build up to 20 minute sessions of skipping three times a week. It is a fantastic full body workout that will really shed the pounds. If you have sensitive feet I recommend using a soft mat to skip on rather than a hard floor.

Source by Jenny K. Wilson


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