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The first media reactions to the Shake Weight product were focused more on the infomercial than on the product itself. It’s true, the infomercial does have a suggestive tone to it which is a bit unsensitive and, I admit, funny, but among all the talk shows which did nothing more than to ridicule the infomercial (and give the product incredible free publicity), Shake Weight Reviews have more to do with the ad than the actual product.

In this article, I want to focus on the product itself and tell you what I think about it and its ability to deliver on its promises. After all, we should focus on the merits of the Shake Weight and whether it is really a fitness equipment worth using.

The Shake Weight is a small object which looks just like a regular dumbbell. The women’s version, which is also the original product, weighs 2.5 pounds, and has springs on both sides. You use the product by shaking it with one hand or both so that the inner weight bounces from side to side.

The shaking movement is supposed to be the one which helps you do the workout. This is called Dynamic Intertia (a term invented by the manufacturers of the product) which is claimed to be much more effective than regular exercises, espcially if you want to get longer muscles instead of more bulky ones.

This claim is a bit problematic because many experts state that they way your muscles develop has more to do with your genetic makeup and the overal intensity of your workouts than this kind of movement or another. Women simply find it harder to bulk up than men do. In addition, there is no reference to the scientific study which shows, so it is claimed, that shaking is much more effective that weight lifting. I wanted to read it but couldn’t find it.

There are good things about the Shake Weight:

  • It’s easy to use
  • It’s affordable
  • It can be used at home, at the office, or taken with you on vacation
  • It can be used to work the entire upper body: chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps.
  • There is no doubt that holding the ShakeWeight in front of you and using it does strain the muscles.

Overall, this product is an interesting one and it does provide a new way to workout. However, it may not be that much more effective than traditional weight training. In addition, there is no results without a proper eating plan, so, while this does look like it’s fun to use, don’t expect miracles.


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