Science, Diets, Cancer, and Adam Yauch

This is controversial but only because vegans are very, very convinced that their diet is the morally and dietarily perfect.  Adam Yauch, the beloved member of the Beastie Boys passed away from a very treatable form of cancer because of his diet.  Now, I know as much as anyone of the cause of death which is to say, I know what I know from what I can find from various news reports.  MCA didn’t tell me what he was doing, so this is spectulation.  But he was a vegan and he turned to a vegan diet after his cancer had seemingly been cured, similar to Steve Jobs.

Ok, I will say this about vegetarianism and veganism.  If you are starting from a healthy place and wish to lose excess fat, then it seems that a vegetable based vegan diet will wipe away those pounds.  There are tons of testimonials on google you can find.  And many people work out just to, you know, lose some weight.  Well, your diet determines how much fat you’re carrying around more so than your exercise routine…unless you’re Michael Phelps and burn through 8000 calories a day.

However, it seems to me that this weight loss comes at a price.  Your muscles may be sacrificed for calories.  Or, you may not be able to actually do much while on the vegan diet, physically speaking, because your body is in a special fasting mode.  Which is cool because I would think that a month of a vegan diet would be enough.  You lost the weight, now start eating a real diet with real protein.

In fact, the most practical approach I’ve seen is of Joe Cross, who ate only Kale based juice shakes for about 60 days, his before and after speaks for itself:



Unfortunately, some people (i.e., celebrities) stay on the vegan diet, slowing degenerating into walking skeletons.  If you saw the Make Some Noise video, you know that MCA was practically skeletal at that point in 2011.

Damn, my diet gives me a healthy glow!
Vegans can kick ass, right?

Fine, people can exist as a vegan skeleton for a long time.  The problem, the difference between say MCA and other vegans like, say, Madonna, is that he had cancer.

skinny is sexy, right?

There are some murmurs in the medical world that the vegan diet is ultimately high in carbohydrates.

For example:

“Over the last years, evidence has accumulated suggesting that by systematically reducing the amount of dietary carbohydrates (CHO) one could suppress, or at least delaythe emergence of cancer, and that proliferation of already existing tumor cells could be slowed down.”

Translation, vegan diets are ultimately high carbohydrate diets.  That high carb load in turn feeds cancer cells.  That’s bad.  A true believer turns to a huckster for advice who advocates turning to an allegedly healthy vegan lifestyle and the cancer roars back.

Basically, science and feel good dieting collide.  There may be a train of thought that the vegan diet is healthy while meat based diets are cancerous precursors.  But is it true?  No.  Basically, everything the past few generations of Americans know about dieting is wrong. But the truth is emerging.

But a truly smart approach to fitness isn’t merely to bleed off fat cells.  You want to also build muscle and build cardiovascular capability, and that takes protein.  So, what to do?  Build muscle, lose fat by properly manipulating your diet.  That manipulation is a key behind the 5-stage human machine system.

As for MCA, RIP, thanks for Paul’s Boutique.  I just wish that someone had been able to convince you to not risk your health with feel-good vegan mumbo jumbo.  In fact, it turns out that Tibetan Buddhists aren’t vegetarians.  Talk about being sold a bill of goods.  This is the same thing that happened to Steve Jobs who also had a low protein, high carb vegan lifestyle pushed on him by his alleged health guru.

“It is evident that the Tibetans, in their infinite wisdom, have stumbled upon the benefits of a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. Meat provides them with the energy to survive in the harsh Tibetan climate.

A low-carb diet also makes hunger pangs a thing of the past. As quoted in the NY Times article:

“It’s strange, but when we eat rice with our food,” she said, “we find that we are hungry again soon afterwards.”

So, it turns out that “meat-eating is strong because without meat as a source of fat and protein, Tibetans simply could not have survived on their high, cold plateau for centuries,” and also cancer survivors need to know this too.


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