More One Trick Ponies…Or Why Runner’s World Maybe Isn’t Interested In Getting You To Run

Everyone who starts working out without actually thinking it out runs the chance of becoming a one trick pony.  Your body will adapt to that one thing you do and make you good at it.  Will it do anything else, like help you lose weight (and by lose weight, we all mean look good) or be a better athlete?  Probably not.


So, you have the no day is leg day guy:

Like an outboard motor on a canoe.
Like an outboard motor on a canoe.

But you also have the people that think, hey, running burns calories, calories make me fat, why not run:

will running make me thin
From below the hips to above the knees, she’s like super fit.

That lovely flower on the cover seems to have burned away fat alright.  But there’s something off about that pose…

also not quite right
also not quite right

I don’t know…

This picture is not like the other two because of pose and of muscle
This picture is not like the other two because of pose and of muscle

That’s right.  Somehow, excessive long distance running burns off muscle and tits; and ages you.  And really, when you go running, this is what you hope you’ll look like:

he eats fat
yup, he’s in shape

GSP does it all, cardio, power, strength.  He watches what he eats.  And unfortunately for all of us normal people, GSP has two other things going for him.  He’s genetically gifted, duh.  But also, he works out for a living.  You and I only have at most an hour a day.  Use your time wisely, flailing around doing baby steps is a waste of time.

Maybe it was just a bad cover choice for Runner’s World, but showcasing a titless, pear bottomed, leg heavy lady with an unflattering sideshot “pow” pose is kinda silly.  It doesn’t actually advertise unidimensional training.  Also, what do you bet the diet options for the lass and the middle aged muscleless dude is some sort of high carb, lean protein diet…?

Real men eat meat.  And lift weights.
Real men eat meat. And lift weights.

You cannot work out to eat whatever you want.  I mean, sure, if you put in an hour of road work a few days a week, you will lean out.  Will you become scuplted and buff? No. Will you be able to sit down to plates of nachos and twinkies?  No. Being sculpted and buff means you start in the kitchen and ditch the carbs.   Binge eating and running won’t work.  And if you want to eat like Michael Phelps, you’ll need to hit the four hour marker a day.  Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time.

Shocker running doesn't burn fat
But he burnt off 100 calories!

But back to running.  I did it and I found that it’s just a hard cardio routine.  By hard cardio, I mean, it’s hard on your body.  And by cardio, I mean it’s repetitive and your body will do its best to make it an efficient movement. You start baby stepping if you’re not careful.  You will also develop your own pace, at which you are most comfortable.  That means you will have a set speed above which, you will falter.  You will be surprised that, hey, you can’t sprint that well.  And sadly, protein will go to your legs, leaving your middle and upper body leaner than you look.  Giving you a pear shape.

But, you may think, that chick on Runner’s World is just a bad example, I’ve seen other models on the cover with tits and or abs/pecs, etc.  Think about that.  They’re models.  They look like that without running.  Running, if they actually do run, is just one aspect of their fitness routine.  Don’t be suckered.  Cardio is good to have but speed and strength are more important.

curves, baby
curves, baby

So, running won’t make you a cover model.  Hit the iron.  Keep your reps above 8 to build some size.  Do what I do, after a run, go to the gym and push out some heavy reps to make sure your body knows you are not a “one trick pony”



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