Rope Skipping Workout to Help Women Lose Belly Fat

Rope Skipping Was Something Women Used to Enjoy

Rope skipping is a great exercise however, for many women the last time they skipped rope was back when they were young kids or probably in middle school. Using a jump rope can be very effective in helping women lose belly fat and it is a shame that something so simple gets over looked so much. Though I see many of my clients who are able to easily walk or run on the treadmill for 30 minutes most can’t skip rope for 5 minutes straight without needing to stop. Think about when you where younger and how much fun it was to be outside rope skipping. In fact only a few people take rope skipping serious and those who do tend to be in top condition such as professional boxers or MMA fighters.

What Muscles Will Rope Skipping Work On Your Body


Rope skipping will work almost every single muscle fiber in your body. I am going to say that after your very first workout using a jump rope that you are going to be sore in places that you never knew existed before. The first time I did my workout routine with a jump rope my entire body felt like it was on fire and was sore for a few days. Not only will skipping rope help you lose belly fat it will have you lean and toned in no time. It will not only work your core muscles, but also your thighs, calves, arms, and shoulders.

Best Type of Rope To Buy For Skipping and Working Out

I have seen ropes be a cheap as $5 and although any rope will work I suggest getting a nice quality speed rope. You can find a speed rope for less than $20 at almost any sporting goods store. They reason I suggest spending a little more on the rope is so you don’t break them and so that you can get one that allows you to adjust the length. Make sure the rope is long enough so that while you are skipping the rope doesn’t keep hitting your head and short enough so that you are able to pick up speed for your cardio workout.

A 10 Minute Rope Skipping Routine That Kicks Belly Fat for Women

First make sure you are standing in front of a clock or have something that will keep time without you having to look down or stop skipping rope. For the first 3 minutes skip rope non stop at slow to medium pace just to warm your muscles up. After your three minute warm-up rest for 60 seconds and now the workout begins. Jump rope as fast as you can for 60 seconds and rest for 30 seconds and then repeat for 6 to 10 minutes.

1. 3 minute warm-up at a slow to medium pace
2. 1 minute rest
3. 1 minute skipping rope as fast as you can
4. 30 second rest
5. 1 minute rope skipping as fast as you can
6. 30 second rest and repeat for 6 minutes

How to Skip Rope Correctly to Get Rid of Fat

In the beginning a lot of people will tend to jump twice between each rope rotation, this is also known as double bouncing. This is okay if you are just starting out as you have to get your calf and abdominal muscles in better shape. When you are rope skipping you should be careful that your arms should barely move and it should be your wrists that do most of the turning of the rope. If you want to speed up the rope rotation then simply increase how fast you rotate your wrist.

When you first start out jumping rope for 3 minutes straights will be a workout itself. I suggest that you spend your first 2-3 weeks simply working up to being able to skip rope for three minutes straight. If you mess up this means that your entire three minutes starts back over and you keep going until you accomplish this.

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