Problems With Exercise DVDs

Every suckers you with what I call the “I will break you” .  In fact, this is the sales-pitch of hundreds of exercise gurus and it’s something that I reject.

Note: neither character jogged to the top of that mountain

The “I will break you” fallacy is this.  I can make you do something to the point of exhaustion and then make you think that if you too can learn to do those moves, you’re in better shape.  The video trainer tells you to do something that is unsustainable but something that he has practiced to do on his own so that he can do more than you.  The point of breaking you is to demonstrate your own alleged lack of athleticism and to make it seem as if doing some high effort will put you in better shape.

But this isn’t fitness, it’s a trick.  The little gains you will make in cardio or power aren’t the building blocks you need.  The 5-stage human machine plan will avoid these tricks in order to get you to build strength and power so that you have a base that will let you do any range of motion, not just inverted twist weighted jumping jack squats.

No, by developing strength before you specialize your movements, your human machine is overall stronger and more fit.  I’m not here to break you or to impress you with what trick move I can do, unless you consider 20 pullups or 100 pushups a trick, or benching one and a half times my body weight a trick.  That’s real fitness and that will translate into fat loss no matter who you are.

Any gains made by pursuing cardio or power training that these make up these  “I will break you” fallacy moves are limited to amount of strength that exercise requires for that range of motion.  It’s wasted time for the beginner because you want strength to encompass every possible range of motion.   Of course, what’s even worse is the way too low impact routine, but that’s another post…



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