Perfect Vegan Weight Loss Diet

The perfect  vegan   weight   loss   diet  is going to consist of a food combination that is balanced with vegetables, fruits, and nuts, (or other sources of “good fat” which will aid in energy and feeling full). Be weary of  vegan   weight   loss   diets  which promote heavy use of breads and pasta’s. While these may fall under the definition of a ‘vegetarian  diet ‘, they generally do not promote  weight   loss , rather this type of  vegan   weight   loss   diet  can prevent  weight   loss  from happening while actually increasing fat. High glycemic carbs, such as white bread and refined sugar foods should also be avoided. They can stimulate insulin surges and cause people to eat 60 – 70% more calories at the following meal. Again, they may fall under the umbrella of vegetarian but they are far from a real  vegan   weight   loss   diet .

A  vegan   weight   loss   diet  ideally should consist of a large amount of vegetables, a moderate to minimal amount of fruit, and a moderate to minimal amount of vegetarian foods that contain healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, or certain oils like flax seed. The moderate to minimal recommendations all depend on how one personally reacts to fruit sugars and healthy fats. Some individuals do better on a  vegan   weight   loss   diet  when they cut down a bit on their fruit intake, replacing them with instead with more vegetables.

When including grains and complex carbohydrates, again one should start with moderate to minimal amounts and gauge there  vegan   weight   loss   diet  progress, and always be careful not to overeat these foods.

Again, the main elements to a successful  vegan   weight   loss   diet  are high vegetable intake, and moderate to minimal fruits and healthy fats. There are many delicious, satisfying and filling  vegan   weight   loss   diet  recipes available on the internet that center around these food combining elements.


Source by Chess McDoogle


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