Paleo Eating the Healthy Way

Paleo eating best imitates the diets of hunter-gatherers hundreds of years ago. In fact, in case you haven’t already known, the Paleo Diet stems from the Palaeolithic era from whence the name was derived. This kind of diet combines seafood, lean meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Those who follow a Paleo diet generally experience an acne-free complexion, lean bodies and improved athletic performance. If you are ready to check out this new diet and become healthy and leaner, then try the Paleo way of eating. Furthermore, the Paleo lifestyle reduces the risk of cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, osteoporosis and gastrointestinal diseases. The Paleo diet is indeed one of the world’s healthiest diets. It prevents one from eating potatoes and beans that could not be eaten raw.


The Paleo diet allows you to enjoy what you are eating. Try to spend a few hours at the start of every week by cooking large food batches to minimize the amount of time you spend on cooking for the whole week. Instead of removing completely from your diet the foods that you love to eat which are not Paleo-friendly, eat smaller amounts instead and eat them moderately. Cooking with spices will do wonders to your food and add variety and various flavors to your meals. Keep a handy meal replacement can of tuna in your bag, office, car or desk for a Paleo snack.

Always eat a variety of vegetables and in different colors to ensure you get all types of good nutrients and antioxidants. The key to this type of diet is to consume foods that are unprocessed and found in nature such as eggs, meat, roots, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables. With such a variety of ingredients, you can create all kinds of great recipes! Nevertheless, your taste buds will need some time to adjust at the start but your body will definitely appreciate the changes after a few weeks since you will be leaner, more active and healthier. Processed food is a no-no when following a good Paleo diet. This includes almost anything that comes in a bag or box. This also includes pasta, breads, wheat, flour, rice, corn and refined sugars.

The Paleo diet means finding alternatives to the usual processed food intake. For instance, instead of noodles, you can eat spaghetti squash, which is more delicious and healthier. Try cauliflower rice instead of rice and get berries for dessert instead of fat and sugar laden desserts. When you switch to a Paleo diet, you can expect to lower your carb intake by removing sugars and starches from your meals. Most people eat more carbs than what their bodies need and most of these carbs get converted by the body and stored as fats. You can get a sufficient amount of protein from nuts, meat and eggs. You can also get micronutrients like minerals, vitamins and antioxidants from vegetables and fruits. A person following a Paleo eating plan has a lower tendency to overeat and they will feel better and feel more active.

In a nutshell, for many years people have been eating the wrong foods and suffer the effects not only physically but psychologically as well. Nowadays, with the abundance of sweet foods, processed foods and foods with very high calories, a lack of energy, obesity and diseases are the obvious results. Now, more than ever is the perfect time to switch to an optimal diet. The foods that one should take must be suited to the genetically defined needs of the body. If you have been looking for a while for a diet but are not satisfied with the results, consider a Paleo diet now and eat in a healthy way.

Source by Steven Jean Thomas


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