Paleo Eating Is About Creativity and Working What You’ve Got

Paleo Eating Is All About Creativity

Paleo eating is all about creativity. Although I absolutely love cooking from paleo recipes, sometimes you’ve just got to create your own dishes based on what you have in your fridge. It’s all about mastering working with what you’ve got.

To support yourself in eating paleo everyday and working with what you’ve got, you have to always have lots of fresh veggies, herbs and dried seasonings on hand. If you have this, there is no limit to the yummy dishes you can throw together at a moments notice.

So, the other night I wanted to make a nice dinner for my partner and I, and I didn’t have time to plan ahead. So I had to do what I do best… I looked in the fridge and I thought up a delicious masterpiece.

I made sole fish lettuce wraps with 2 different taco toppings!

Sole Fish Ingredients:

Sole Fish (of course)







Tomato Paste

½ cup broth

Sole Fish Cooking Directions:

I mixed all the seasonings together and put them in a saucepan over medium heat for 1 minute or so. Next, I put the fish in the pan and stirred it a little to make sure all the seasons were even spread on the fish. I let the fish cook for about 12 minutes and it was done.

1st Taco Topping Ingredients:




Bell Pepper






I just diced everything really small and mixed it all together with the mayo, lemon and salt. When you make this yourself, the proportions are up to you. I used lots of cabbage, it’s was the base of the salad.

2nd Taco Topping Ingredients:


Red Bell Pepper



Olive Oil



Do the same thing as with topping 1. You can see the ingredients of both toppings are quite similar that’s because these are the items I had in my fridge; and if you make them yourself, you will see that a completely different taste was achieved by the slight differences.

After I prepared the fish and toppings, I just got my ice-burg lettuce at the fridge, washed it, chopped in half and carefully peeled the outermost layers to create the perfect wrap.

This is just a sneak peek at how fun, easy and delicious paleo eating can be. This is honestly something everyone can enjoy whether they are committed to eating paleo in their daily lives or have no idea what that even means.

Until next time… eat well,


Source by Lawanda Johnson


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