Paleo Diet – The Importance Of Planning Your Paleo Meals

Anybody who currently follows the paleo diet knows the importance of planning your meals. In fact, Your success is determined on how well prepared you are. A lot of people new to the paleo plan find it frustrating when organizing their dishes and it is with good reason. Before we go into how to begin the planning procedure, let us recap on the foods we are supposed to eat and those which we are to stay away from.

The Paleo diet is founded on the foods the cavemen ate a long time ago. During the paleolithic era, when the early humans roamed the earth, they only consumed foods that they could find. They went out hunting for meat to be eaten, including fruits and veggies from crops they stumbled upon as well as seafood from water sources. Most of you are probably wondering about other foods like milk and grains, surely they must be acceptable since they are considered healthy by today’s standards. Well, our forefathers were hunter gatherers who traveled from place to place, consuming food sources they found. Because they never stayed in one area for long, farming and raising livestock for milk sources was never explored. It wasn’t until 10,000 years ago that agriculture was utilized by humans.

The finest approach when beginning your paleo meal planning is to prepare your foods early in advance, especially if you have a full time job. You might want to start the preparations on a Sunday evening for Monday’s breakfast or lunch. The reason I say breakfast and lunch is because those are the meals that you won’t have much time in the morning to prepare. Dinner however is more leisurely to manage for the reason that you will be at home and therefore have more time on your hands.

Another tip is to save your spare foods. Don’t ever throw away food, store it up and place it in the fridge. You can recycle the leftovers for a quick paleo breakfast or lunch. In addition, as you prepare your dinners, cook more food than usual so that you always have a good amount of leftovers. The major foods I usually keep on as leftovers are steaks, chicken, and also hamburgers. They serve as brilliant quickie meals for the next day.

For breakfast, hard boiled eggs along with vegetables and fruits are the most commonly eaten, for the reason that it’s the simplest to make. Scrambled eggs are fantastic too if you have time to prepare it. One thing to remember is that many individuals get worn-out eating eggs constantly and if you find yourself falling into that category, you can prepare a quick blend to start up your day. What I do is I toss fruits from my fridge into a blender, pour in a small amount of almond milk and a scoop of whey protein, and add just a few ice cubes before I blend them. It only takes a few minutes to make and its quite tasty.


Lunch doesn’t really take some thorough meal planning because like everyone, you will be working. A salad and a fruit create an ideal lunch. My salads usually comprise of chicken, lettuce, onions, and bell peppers. For dressing I use olive oil to give it some flavor. Contrary to what most people believe, lunch is a smoother part of your day because you can purchase a plate of salad at any fast food or convenience store. Pot roast or some meat chilli can be an amazing substitute but make sure to prepare it the night before, they serve as a way to switch up your paleo lunches from the usual salad.

Source by Amy A. Flynn


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