Paleo Diet Breakfast Ideas

For those who are not that familiar with the  Paleo  Diet, there is a tendency to assume that like many other diets, it is likely to be rather restrictive or complicated. So many diets end up making a meal time an issue rather than an enjoyable thing. But the  Paleo  Diet is not like these others. The recipes that are a part of the diet are anything but boring, mundane, complicated, or dull. Instead, this diet contains recipes that are not only full of flavour for maximum enjoyment, they are also highly nutritious and wholesome.


This diet is sometimes referred to as the caveman diet or the hunter-gatherer diet and its full name is the Paleolithic Diet. It is about eating the meals that our ancestors used to eat in that they never had the processed foods that are so common today. Many people believe that the additives in our foodstuffs are responsible for a number of diseases, some of which are often life threatening, such as cancer and diabetes. Many also attribute the rise of obesity and acne to these additives that are found in today’s processed foods.

When it comes to the  Paleo  Diet, the meals are jam packed with protein. The balanced diet will make an allowance of between 60 and 70 percent for protein intake. Protein is found in:

  • Different types of fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado oils
  • Nut oils

When you take on the  Paleo  Diet, one thing must be remembered and that is that no grains or dairy are part of the diet. The key is to consume only what is fresh and organic. Being on the  Paleo  Diet means eating what is seasonal.

Depending upon your own unique requirements and your lifestyle, the  Paleo  lunch and dinner recipes can be adjusted. Essentially, it is about taking what you would usually serve at mealtimes and swooping what you cannot have with what you can. Adjusting to this way of eating is surprisingly easy and you will find that within a short space of time, you will be coming up with your very own  Paleo  Diet recipes.

The  Paleo  Diet teaches you to avoid foods that contain grains, legumes, soy, dairy, salt, yeast, processed sugar, and starchy veggies such as yams or potatoes. Although you may wonder what is left you’d be pleasantly surprised to discover that most other veggies are allowed, including fruits, all types of meat, eggs, and nuts (except peanuts).

When it comes to the  Paleo  Diet breakfast, the following recipes and ideas are great.

  • Serve two poached eggs on some lightly panned spinach.
  • An omelet made with the filling of your choice and using two eggs. Make sure that you keep to the no dairy rule.
  • Chicken liver with some bacon and grilled tomato.
  • For something a little more refreshing, try a fruit smoothie. Use some bananas, nuts, berries, and fresh coconut and blend it all with ice.
  • Use what is left from the meal the night before to conjure up a great breakfast.

By switching to the  Paleo  Diet, you are assured of giving your body what it needs to function properly while making an investment in your own future health and that of your family. Because the meals are so great and varied it is easy to make the switch.

Source by Graeme Thompson


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