This happens every day at your Starbucks when you order the sugar free mocha venti latte

One weird trick to not gain weight

The New York Time’s alleged Health Blog said this was a read head scratcher.  To wit:


Artificial, or nonnutritive, sweeteners have no calories and are often used as diet aids. But while some well-designed trials have found that those randomly assigned to drink artificially sweetened beverages gained less weight than those given sugar-sweetened drinks, large population studies suggest that frequent consumption of artificial sweeteners may be linked with unanticipated consequences, including weight gain.

I had an inkling about why this is not a headscratcher. But I think the general public can put two and two together when they see this article from the Atlantic stating that skinny people rarely diet. I just read the headline and nodded. But I didn’t expect to actually read, right there in the body of the article, these words:

“Most slim people don’t employ restrictive diets or intense regimes to stay at a healthy weight,” he said in a statement. “Instead, they practice easy habits like not skipping breakfast, and listening to inner cues.”

Wow, that’s true. And there’s a reason for it. There are a few things I noticed while trying to gain muscle and lose fat.
First, you cannot exercise yourself thin. Your food hole is what makes you fat. Of course, there are the genetically gifted who can eat a lot but who cares.
Second, artificial sweeteners carry a glycemic index.

You put these together, you realize that your sweet tooth is making you fat, whether or not you are using “real” sweeteners or “fake” sweeteners. Your body is fooled at the tongue, right? So, it’s also fooled in the liver. Meaning that delicious soda just spiked your insulin, regardless of how many calories it actually has.

So, there are 2 type of people on earth.
There’s the “I’m gonna have the blob-burger with extra mayo…and a diet coke”
There’s the “I am addicted to diet coke and it’s all I drink or eat all day long”

Type 1 is screwed. We used to think we were averaging out half the calories but your body decides to store them all as fat.
Type 2 needs to answer this, are you sucking down the Dr. Diet Pibbs because it’s so tasty or because you need the caffeine boost to stay awake as your body tries to deal with the fact that it’s being told to store fat without there being any calories to use?

Also, soda is bad because it has bubbles that will puff out your tummy. Not a good look.

The lesson is soda is bad, there’s no such thing as “Free Sweetness” That’s why adults don’t eat candy. Well, weightlifters can but that’s another story.

This happens every day at your Starbucks when you order the sugar free mocha venti latte
This happens every day at your Starbucks when you order the sugar free mocha venti latte

The application of lesson is to be a fit adult, you have to control what you put in your food-hole. Lose the sweet-tooth and you’ll be on your way to living like a normal, non-fat person.


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