On The Go Paleo Lunches for Your Busy Work Schedule


Those who follow the paleo diet are aware of the impact it has on their body and lifestyle. The caveman diet has become quite popular for years now and it is praised not only for its uniqueness, but for the many health advantages it contributes to the body. In contrast to other diets, the paleo diet doesn’t tell you to eat less or watch your calories, instead, you are encouraged to consume as much portions as you wish. However, you will only be eating the kind of foods our ancestors ate 1.5 million years ago. Doesn’t sound hard does it? Well, it isn’t. unfortunately, some people find it hard to prepare paleo meals, particularly paleo lunches because of busy work schedules. What these individuals do not fully grasp is that preparing on the go lunches for work are not complicated at all. It only takes a matter of practice but soon, you will be creating lunches with no trouble at all, and this article will show you how.


The main issue working men and women face is not having enough time in the morning to pack lunch, coupled with having little time to comfortably finish that lunch. You, along with other hard working individuals desire a paleo lunch that’s mouth watering, quick to make and more importantly quick to eat. If you are tired of constantly rushing to prepare your lunches, a key to your success will be based on how much leftovers you have in your refrigerator. These leftovers will be meals from the day before, so a tip is to always prepare food in excess so they will remain.

Lunch for a lot of people on the paleo diet are usually salads and fruits, simply because it is the easiest and less time consuming to prepare. Whats great about this meal is that you can find it anywhere. So if you forget to pack a paleo lunch that day, simply hop over to a convenient store and purchase a salad and a fruit. However, eating salads all the time could get monotonous and redundant which can make you lose motivation, so you might want to change your meals. A cold shish kabob is a superb and delicious option. It’s not difficult to make, you can gobble it up quickly during a hectic schedule, and it takes up very little space. Don’t know how to prepare one? well, its quite easy. Just use some leftover beef or meat available from a previous meal, sprinkle some paprika, add some peppers or any vegetable, wrap in some foil and voila! You’ve created a quick lunch.

In the event you made hamburgers the previous night, you can use some patties leftover and season it with pepper, salt, garlic powder, or any spice of your choice. Pack it up in a small container and match it up with a fruit plus some almonds in a plastic bag.

A favorite lunch idea of mine is to prepare a big batch of chilli. I usually prepare mine with about 10 pounds of meat because I have several chilli lovers in my household and it usually lasts about a week. You can prepare less than that, but its ultimately whatever you prefer. Chilli is an excellent lunch which can also be paired with a fruit and some pecan or macadamia nuts.

As you may have noticed, the lunch ideas I mentioned consisted of the mostly meat, vegetables and a fruit and nuts. By packing your lunches like I mention you will be obtaining the adequate number of nutrients your body needs daily. Simply make certain that protein, carbohydrate and healthy fats are present in your meals.

Source by Amy A. Flynn


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