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New Adventures in Bad Exercises

Observed at a gym:

Person on .  Ok, better explanation, while walking by one of the walking dead whiling away their lives on their treadmill to doom, I heard a screech-screech sound.  It turns out that one of the zombies had turned her machine basically all the way up and at full incline and was trying to use this setting as her exercise routine.  Ok, points for going for power on the treadmill, right?  Better than basically idling at a trot, right?  Nope.

This person had contrived to hoist herself up on to the front rail so that her feet dangled down onto the rushing tread like a marionette.  The screech-screech was the sound of her sneakers meeting the treadmill, her feet being pulled back in a mimicry of exercise.

The sad thing was that this wasn’t just a cheat, this was her routine.  Over the next half hour, that’s how she did it.  Screech-screech.

Well, at least she got an upper body workout by holding herself up that way.  I just hope she takes the calorie statement from the machine with a grain of salt.


Now I just derided the treadmill but it is a useful tool for increasing your pace.  Otherwise, most machines at the gym are there for looking pretty, not to actually give you a good exercise.

You have a constant pace that you can set.  If you must jog, then make it your goal to increase your speed, turn jogging into running over time.  That way, you aren’t living the lie of low heart rate cardio, you’re actually gaining something.  Don’t just while away thinking that low heart-rate is the fat-burning zone because that lie is apparent, you’re taking way too long to do anything useful and you aren’t burning that many calories.  And you aren’t gaining muscle built for speed or anything else.  You’re just plodding along to your doom in sad half-hour increments.

Obviously, the marionette lady is wasting her time too.  Going to hard?  More like going no where at all.


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