Never Give Up – Use These 4 Weight Loss Motivation Tips to Keep You on Track

Losing weight is a tough row to hoe. There’s plenty standing in your way – societal pressures, a sedentary lifestyle, a lazy metabolism, hunger pangs… and then when you go to the gym, all those flat-bellied women stare at you as if your gut’s hanging halfway down to your knees. It’s easy to think about giving up when faced with all these obstacles. Never fear – follow these tips and keep your motivation high!

Make the New You More Real by Seeing It!

Think back a few years to your high school or college days – were you in great shape then? If so, that’s tremendous! Find some old pictures of yourself and use them for inspiration. Take good look – does it bring back memories? Can you recall how your body responded to every demand you placed on it, and how it grew stronger all the time?

On the other hand, some of us weren’t really all that fit in school. Don’t worry, we can visualize our new bodies as well! Take some time, close your eyes, and really see your new body. You know how important it is to have goals and deadlines, but keep them reasonable. If you set a goal of losing five to ten pounds a month, and can stick to it, that’s a good determination.

Make a Serious Determination


You’ll feel the depth of your commitment a little more if you have some “skin in the game.” Get yourself something new, some piece of clothing in the size you’re aiming for – something that’ll really highlight your new weight and make you look really good – and hang it where you’ll see it all the time, like in your bedroom. The harder it is for you to make money, the greater motivation this will be for you, because nobody likes wasting money. This tip has worked wonders for many people who were wavering in their commitment to losing weight.

With A Little Help From My Friends

If you go to the gym to work out on your own, are you more likely to work out, or to spend the afternoon watching sports on the big screen televisions? If you have a buddy you regularly work out with, though, who depends on you for support the way you depend on him, it’s not nearly so easy to skip the workout, is it? You’re not likely to blow off a workout if your buddy is at the gym expecting you to spot him, or is you’re expecting to pace each other.

Another thing you can do is keep in touch with an accountability friend. Each and every day, right before knocking off for the day, send your accountability friend a short email listing everything you ate during the day. Be honest and specific! Temptation can be resisted, but this is a simple and effective way to reinforce your willpower.

This is one of the most powerful weight-loss motivation tips you’ll ever run across.

Achievement Must be Recognized!

Perhaps you regret that you’ve gotten so out of shape. That’s not hard to figure out. That doesn’t mean you have to be miserable all the time you’re on your weight loss plan. If you’ve achieved or exceeded your goals this week, for instance, reward yourself! Do something you really enjoy doing, and mark the day with your favorite dinner or a little dessert.

Life without the occasional treat or reward, especially when you’re doing well in your weight loss program and achieving your goals, can be very frustrating. Even worse, you might deliberately sabotage yourself. Letting an oppressive weight loss program make you miserable can be the worst thing that can happen to you, yet you can avoid it by permitting yourself a little indulgence once a week or so.

You’ll have an easier time achieving your weight loss goals if you make use of these motivating tips. Keep in mind, though, that if you drop the ball, you can’t let yourself be consumed by guilt. As the song says, “Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!”

Source by Natalie Leavenworth


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