Motivational Tips For Dieting Success

This article shares tested and proven motivational tips for dieting success. If you have tried to lose weight in the past you know that a key element is building your motivation to stick with your healthy eating plan. To find out what truly motivates you to lose weight take the next couple of minutes to read these tips.

Motivational tips for dieting

1. Start your day with a win. Start your day with a healthy breakfast of protein, whole grain carbohydrate and some fruit and you will find yourself motivated to eat better for the entire day.


2. Focus on what dieting gives you. You can feel overwhelmed if you focus too much on the food and not enough on the rewards. When you find your diet becoming a challenge shift your mind to focus on all the great things that you are bringing into your life by eating healthy and you will find it easy to keep going.

3. Start a friendly competition. Do you have a friend who also wants to lose weight? Start a friendly competition and you will find your motivation to diet explodes!

4. Get a support team in place. Research shows that when you have ongoing support from a mentor who guides you or a group of others working toward weight loss that you speed your loss by 30-40%.

5. Set process goals. Process goals are small goals aimed at building better eating habits which then lead to a drop in your weight. For instance, set a goal to eat mindfully this week, get a healthy breakfast or stay away from sweets after dinner. When you meet one process goal you will find that your motivation to do more grows.

Source by Dr. Becky Gillaspy


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