Motivation To Lose Weight – 3 Tips That Will Help Keep You Moving Toward Your Goal

When first starting a new diet or weight loss plan, most people are highly motivated for the first week or two and then the excitement begins to wear off. So how do you keep yourself motivated enough to continue your journey until you achieve your desired weight loss. Following are 3 tips that will help maintain your  motivation  to lose  weight . They are:

Stay Focused on Your Why

One great way to stay motivated to lose weight is to focus on your why. When you first began your weight loss journey there was something that made you take the plunge and get started. Reminding yourself of this reason will help you stay focused and continue working toward your goal.

In the event that it doesn’t, it means that your why is not strong enough and you need to reevaluate your reasons for wanting to lose weight and come up with a stronger why. A why that will motivate you so much that you would not even consider the thought of not reaching your weight loss goal.

Read Motivational Books and Other People’s Success Stories


Another thing that will help you stay motivated is reading positive books and other people’s weight loss success stories. Find someone who you particularly identify with and reassure yourself that if they can do it, so can you. These stories will help keep you focused on your goal and give you the  motivation  for losing  weight  that you need.

Find motivational quotes and inspiring messages that speak to you and post them in places where you will see them throughout the day. For example your bathroom mirror, on your nightstand, on your desk at work in the car etc. A little positivity can go a long way and really help keep you going.

Reward Yourself For Results

As you accomplish small goals, be sure to reward yourself for a job well done. If your goal is to lose 25 pounds do not wait until you lose all 25 pounds before rewarding yourself with something special.

Set small goals along the way such as losing 2 pounds a week or 5 pounds a month. Once you achieve that milestone in your journey reward yourself. These small achievements and rewards can be very helpful in keeping you motivated to achieve your goals. They are small reminders that you are on the right track and one step closer to your goal.

If used consistently, these recommendations can be extremely useful in helping you stick to your  weight   loss  goals and maintaining your  motivation  to lose  weight .

Source by Tina James


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