Love Handles Exercises – 3 Best Exercises For Love Handles

Although they sound cute, warm and cuddly, love handles, as you know can be anything but.

They’re often stubborn little blighters too, requiring specific love handles exercises to train, tone and help to get rid of them. Here we’ll take a look at the best exercises for love handles and how you can use them to get rid of your love handles starting today.

Note that love handles exercises on their won’t eradicate your love handles. The exercises will tighten and tone the area around your love handles (side abdominals, external obliques), but love handles are essentially fat, and so a good fat burning diet and exercise program is essential, along with these 3 best exercises for love handles.

Love Handles Exercises

The first of the love handles exercises, which is often neglected or forgotten are Side Twists. These are better performed with a short pole or stick placed across your shoulders behind your head and held in place with your hands at either end.  This will help you to maintain a straight back and better posture.

With your feet facing forward and a shoulder-width apart, slowly twist your torso one way (trying to “squeeze” your obliques as you do it). Slowly return to the start position and repeat in the other direction. 10 to 20 full repetitions (turning to your left and then round to your right is repetitions) are great to begin with, and as your strength increases you can increase the number. They’re great when performed at the end of a workout, but remember, quality first, quantity second.

Make sure you don’t twist your hips throughout this love handles exercise – they should always be pointing forwards, otherwise you won’t benefit from this love handles exercise.

Love Handles Exercises 2

The second love handles exercise is known as the Woodchopper or Wood Chops. This involves using a weights machine with a cable pulley. You stand with your side facing the weights machine and your feet a little more than a shoulder-width apart. Grabbing the handle in both hands you want to draw the cable across your body, emphasizing the use of your abdominal muscles and particularly your obliques. You should feel like you are sawing a tree or chopping wood (hence the name).

Repeat this for about 10 repetitions and then switch round to do the same thing but on the other side.

Love Handles Exercises 3

The third of the love handles exercises are Twisting Crunches. These are a variation on the popular standard crunches, but you’ll be making use of your side abdominals and obliques, and targeting those love handles areas.


Lie on the floor, flat on your back with your feet pulled up towards your bottom but still flat on the floor (don’t pull them too tight to your bottom, make sure you are comfortable). Now rest your right foot on your left knee. With your hands on the sides of your head, slowly lift your chest as if you were trying to get it to touch the ceiling. As you’ve contracted the abs muscles, you’ll want to twist your torso towards your right knee (the one that is elevated). Do this slowly and emphasise the “crunch” – you should be feeling the tension on your obliques (love handles area). Slowly return to the start position, and do 10 repetitions. Switch feet, and do 10 more in the other direction.

It’s important you don’t pull on your head or otherwise put stress on your back, as you can cause yourself serious injuries like that. Focus the tension and “crunch” on your abdominals.

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