Kettlebell and Tabata Training

Kettlebell and  Tabata  Training may be the most effective Total body training workout you can do.  Tabata  training for those of you who aren’t familiar is 20 seconds of doing a particular  exercise  (say kettlebell swings) for as many reps as you can resting 10 seconds and repeat.

Typically depending on your fitness level you would strive to do 8 sets.


Training with a kettlebell delivers extreme total body training,  fitness. Strength, endurance, flexibility and fat loss can all be accomplished with the use of the kettlebell. I find that using a kettlebell for  Tabata  training increases the fat burning and weight loss effects two-fold.

Dumbbell thrusts and barbell front squats are thought by many in the bodybuilding and weight training communities ( yes bodybuilding and weight training can be two different animals) to be the two best  exercises  for doing  Tabata  training.I also used to believe it myself and they are both incredibly effective for  tabata  training.

Working out with a kettlebell is not easy (maybe that’s why people are afraid of it). There is also a learning curve to using a kettlebell. If you are looking for a total body training workout then learn how to properly use a kettlebell.

 Tabata  training when done with a kettlebell are I believe superior to using barbells and dumbbells for building strength, weight loss and conditioning simply because training with a kettlebell requires so much more total body training involvement and musculature to complete your  exercises .

Kettlebell workouts strengthen and require the use of the deeper harder to work stabilizing supporting muscles. This total body training effort is what makes the kettlebell superior to other forms of training. Kettlebells by bringing into play these stabilizing and supportive muscles is where you gain greater functional strength and conditioning.

 Tabata  training and Intervals for me are a godsend I always hated long boring cardio workouts.The kettlebell and  Tabata  training are the fast lane to total body training and conditioning inside and out.

Kettlebell and  Tabata  training your total body training transformation to health and fitness.

Source by Joe Gagliano


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