Just Throw Out Any Diet Product You Own


None of it works.

So, everyone knows that most diet foods are crap.  That is, your slightly plump secretary (or, you, the slightly plump middle aged secretary) eats lean cuisines every day for lunch, puts Splenda in her coffee and only drinks skim milk and diet coke.  Plus she eats snacks that look like this:

rice just rice
hi would you like some pure carbs?

Or you, the slightly porky weight lifter who loves him some whey protein shakes and also tries to eat healthy by making sure that he’s low carbing by drinking only artificially sweetened foods, and he’s taking fiber supplements:  Both of you guys are in for a world of hurt.

Someone forgot to read the label
Someone forgot to read the label

First, duh, they replace fat with sugar.  Making the alleged diet food to be a glycemic bomb.

Now we also know that artificial sweeteners will make you fat by jacking up your insulin levels worse than if you had just had a spoonful of sugar.

Splenda and its friends are everywhere!  At this point, it seems that every artificial sweetener is worse than sugar.  Why?  Because they’re all something stupid like 100 times sweeter than sugar in the first place.  Tricks your liver every time.

First, you put it in your coffee, obviously.

Chik-Fil-A puts it in their delightful diet lemonade.  Almost every diet soda uses it.

diet soda kills
Sure sure, it’s diet. I mean it says so. But is it?

Then you start looking at the health supplements.

That fiber stuff you mix with water?  Is it really sweet?  Yeah, that’s fructose.  While you’re allegedly sucking fat out of your gut, your body’s busy putting it back in there.

Let’s not get started on how many diet desserts are made of the stuff.

And then there’s the protein powders and bars:  sorry.  Them too.  In fact some of the sweeter protein bars brag about their sugar alcohols.

Those diet pills?  Yup.

Read the labels, people.  Sweetness is not your friend.


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