Jumping Workouts – The Simple Workout


Before you start your Jumping Workouts, you do have a goal in mind, right? Is it more than just to jump higher or to be able to dunk, because there are a lot of people who can dunk, maybe you should be able to make an awesome dunk. Or just grab rim easily. Either way, don’t skip over this important part which is vital to see success.

But otherwise, start with a warmup. I usually start with jump rope and some sprints. As for specifics, start with 300 jump rope jumps, and about 4 sprints of about 100 meters each. Either way, make sure that it is quick, powerful, and explosive. So use whatever space you have, and use it to the best you can.

After you are warmed up, begin on the following workout.

Box Jumps – This is a vital part of your jumping workouts because you can gauge how easy or hard it is to jump on the same box. And as you get better, increase the size of the box. Stand in front of the box, feet together. And using your arms and bending at your knees and hips, explode up onto the box with both feet. Land on top of the box, and hold for at least a second. Make sure you have your balance, then hop back down and repeat. Do at least 3 sets of 15 jumps each.

High Jumps – Pick a spot on a wall or something high. Make sure it is out of reach and jumping up to it will be a challenge. Stand directly under this mark and reach up, with your body extended. Using just your lower legs, jump up and touch the mark. When you come back down and hit the ground, immediately explode back up. Continue to bounce without missing the mark, if you do miss, then start over with that set.

For your jumping workouts, do the high jumps 15 times and 3 sets.


Tuck Jumps – Many people have used tuck jumps as part of their jumping workouts as a warmup instead of an actual exercise. But by using it as a real exercise, you can improve your vertical quite a bit. Tuck jumps are when you stand in one place and leap up as high as you can and bring your knees to your chest. Continue to leap higher and keep bringing your knees as high as possible. Repeat 15 times with 3 sets.

Use this as one of your jumping workouts at least 4 times per week for best results.

Source by Colin Reay


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