Jump Rope Workout – The Workout That Never Gets Old


We all want to get into great shape and lose that extra body fat around our midsection but who wants to trudge through another boring hour on the treadmill or stair climber? If you are getting bored with your same old workout why not try adding a Jump Rope Workout to your exercise routine? Jumping rope is an excellent way to get into really great shape and once you get used to jumping there are many different ways to keep it from getting boring and old like some of the more traditional ways of doing cardio exercise. Let’s take a look at why adding jump rope fitness to your exercise routine can take you to the next level of fitness without boring you to tears.


If you haven’t tried jumping rope in a while and think that it’s just a kids game why not give it a try next time you work out. Unless you are in excellent shape already you’ll find out that you will get really winded really quickly skipping rope. A good jump rope workout can get you into top shape if you stick to it and spend the time needed to master the exercise. Using a jump rope you can get your heart into your target zone much quicker than a lot of other forms of exercise which means you’ll be spending more time in your target zone while jumping rope. Jumping rope is also a natural addition to circuit training because its easy to carry with you from one workout station to the next and will allow you to get a great “active” rest workout in between weight lifting reps. It also lends itself well to high intensity workouts because you can use it to push your body to the extreme, much like you do in sprinting exercises. These are just a couple of the ways that jumping rope can help you get into excellent shape but you probably don’t realize that you can add a wide range of variety to this workout so that it never gets boring.

A lot of the slow-go cardio that we’re all used to can be really mind numbingly boring. You might think that jumping rope is boring too, after all aren’t you just jumping in place for an extended period of time? If that is all you ever do then yes, you’ll fall into the same boring trap as walking on the treadmill can be. However, once you develop some skill with the jump rope you can spice up your workout in many different ways by changing your footwork and learning and adding new rope jumping skills to your routine. After you’ve been jumping for a bit start adding in different moves like jumping from foot to foot, modified jumping jacks, jump from side to side, and round out with a couple double unders. After you start to get real good at jump rope then start to add some skills such as crossovers, twists, and backward jumping. Start mixing and matching each day and your workout will never get old! If you still think you cant have fun jumping rope go to YouTube and watch a couple of the Buddy Lee videos.

As you can see adding a jump rope workout to your exercise routine can help you get to that next level of fitness. Not only is jumping rope a great exercise that you can work into your routine in a number of different ways but with some persistence you can get to the point where you will never have a boring cardio workout again. There are many other reasons why adding jump rope to your weekly exercise sessions is a great idea so why not give it a try? You might just find it to be the perfect complement to what you’re doing already.

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