Jump Rope Training


Jump ropes cost next to nothing and you can use them almost anywhere. So what more could you want?

Varying the intensity, and altering the types and number of jumps you do, helps prevent things becoming boring.. This keeps jump rope training interesting while you build your cardiovascular system and the muscular endurance in your legs. Jumping rope are a common training routine for boxers, as it greatly improves the footwork which is necessary for the sport. Why pay a fortune for more modern equipment that works out your legs and improves footwork, when jump ropes give you the exact same benefits for a fraction of the cost?

Tips on jump ropes:

1. To get the correct length of jump rope to suit your height. – Stand on the middle of the rope, holding an end in each hand. Both ends should roughly reach your armpits.

2. Cotton and specially weighted ropes swing more slowly, and leather ropes wear out more quickly. So i find that the simple plastic ropes are the best.


3. Jump rope on wooden floors, rubber floors, or mats. These surfaces are a bit more forgiving on the ankles and feet.

Now one of the most important things to learn is to breathe properly during this type of exercise, or ANY other type of exercise too. That might sound simple, but i see people struggle constantly, and much of it is due to improper breathing. Put simply – Breathe in and out ONLY through your nose.

A good way to train yourself to do that, is to take a drink of water and hold it in your mouth. Then go and use those jump ropes, or just go a jog round the block. When you are done, that water should still be in your mouth.

The body wasn’t designed for mouth breathing – If it was, there would be no need for you to have a nose.

So ONLY breathe through your nose before and during training, you may find it strange at first but you will reap the benefits. I will be writing another article that explains “proper breathing during exercise” in much greater detail.

Jump Rope Workouts

Hold your hands at your waist, two or three inches out from your body. Jump low. Spin the rope so it barely touches the floor. Skip lightly on the balls of your feet with your knees bent to take the strain off your shins.

At the beginning, just try and use the jump ropes for maybe 20 seconds without getting caught up in it. Once you begin to get used to using the ropes, gradually increase your times and introduce “rounds” to your session. Rope jump for 2 x 20 second rounds, with a 15 second break between the rounds, then aim to slightly increase those times weekly until you can jump rope to the same pattern as an amateur boxing match – 3 x 3minute rounds, with a 1 minute break in between rounds.

Once you reach that stage, you will be getting an excellent jump rope workout that will greatly enhance your agility, coordination, speed, endurance and footwork.

Source by Dave B Scot


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