Jump Rope For Better Health


Jump Rope or as I like to call it, skipping with a rope. We call this rope a skipping rope. A skipping rope can be purchased from a lot department stores for under ten dollars. If we get a more expensive one with a counter then it may cost a bit more.

So what do we do exactly to stay healthy. I repeated myself time and time again on how to lose weight and stay fit and healthy. The answer is eat well and exercise regularly. Exercising regularly is easy and free if you like. You could just borrow somebody else’s skipping rope for a month or so and skip for thirty minutes everyday. Jump rope or skipping rope is one of the best ways to exercise.


Skipping everyday is a great way to stay in shape and get a great work out. Jumping increases the heart rate pretty quickly and helps you burn fat quickly. You can wipe those calories off pretty quickly while skipping for thirty minutes day.

When I say skip for thirty minutes a day. I do not mean you have to do it all in one go. You can do three sets of ten minutes or six sets of five minutes. You just need to total thirty minutes a day. Remember to stretch before and after exercising. You should stretch for two minutes before and after the skipping exercises.

Stretching will help relax your muscle and prevent acid from building up inside them. This acid is the cause of the pain after a heavy workout and not stretching or warming down. I recommend people stretch for thirty minutes a day to increase their flexibility and help tone and shape their body.

Remember if you can not do the full thirty minutes a day, you can start with doing ten minutes first and moving up from there.

So 30 minutes of skipping rope and 30 minutes of stretching can help one lose weight and stay fit and healthy.

Source by Chun-Lam S Lo


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