Injured (or why I hate jogging for cardio)

Ok, I can’t hate on jogging.  A lot people like it and its dubious connection to weight loss.  And even if you’re determined to not exercise correctly, any exercise is better than nothing.   I still jog once a week to fill in a slot, mostly out of habit.

It’s just that if you’re going to do a mindless cardio activity for a half hour to an hour at a time as your bread and butter workout routine, then that’s literally hundreds of hours of running a year.  During that time, you’ll encounter all sorts of road hazards while you’re in an endorphin stupor.  Basically, the road rises up to trip me once a year.  It happens.  Usually, I get a bloody knee or palm.  This time?  I nearly tore my foot off.

This brings:  Das Boot.

Try running with this

Basically, while I did not break any bones or tear any ligaments, I still manged to turn an ankle into a swollen mess.  Doctor’s orders?  ?No stress, and maybe, in a few weeks, I could use the while the boot is on my foot.


Well, my workout routine, the 5-stage human machine routine demands I use my feet.  And now?  I’ve removed one foot from the equation.  Basically, leg and core strength is done for a month.  But that’s ok, strength is persistent.  And I like to think that my strong leg muscles from my squat and deadlift had provided my leg with enough reinforcing so as to prevent a worse injury.

Essentially, I am facing a month without being able to exercise my body in large muscle group exercises, engage in cardio, or do true power exercises.

So, what to do?

Pushups are still available for cardio.  I can still bench for strength and for glamour muscles.  And now I guess I have to do the hated seated exercises, thereby protecting my ankle and eliminating my core.  Oh well, more time to focus on the diet and to build the triceps.  But even with pushups there’s really no activity to get the sweat and endorphins my body is used to getting.

But, I noticed a new trend in advanced workout routines.

The exercise rope.
 Using a thick 40-60 foot rope, wrapped around a tree, an end in each hand, in order to get the heart moving.  You whip those bad boys up and down.

Power or cardio?  I guess it depends on your exertion level.  Either way it’s a good thing to still have in the fitness toolbox.



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