Chicken Isn’t Vegan?

It’s 2013 already and January is already done and January, I’ll have you know, is one of the longer months.  So.  It’s on.  I hope you started doing whatever it is you’re going to do to make yourself better.

Of course, one good way would be to buy my ebook.  well, I guess I need to finish that…stupid resolutions.

But let’s use this time to remember 2012 and the Death Count.

So, we know that Steve Jobs and MCA died.  But so did Michael Clarke Duncan.

It'd take a lot of wheat grass to fill this tshirt
It’d take a lot of wheat grass to fill this tshirt

Yup, the big fella went vegan and then the vegan police killed him dead.  Just kidding, of course, the vegan police exist to harass people who enjoy life.  The vegan diet is what will kill you.

One of the interesting factoids to emerge is that Arian Foster, a running back in the NFL, a group of athletes organized to compete on a high level in sports generally requiring strength and speed, is now a vegan.  And you know what?  AF is apparently a very good RB, so how can this be?

And strangely, other players are out there, hawking their veganitude.

Vegan Power is amazing.

Is his vegan diet feeding cancer cells or is he losing muscle or what?

It is funny trying to find his actual daily menu.  Is he a going the vegan route of eating sugary foods or is he eating a high fat diet?  I gave up after looking, it’s not readily available.


However, while we don’t know every detail, we learned one interesting tidbit. Oh right, his vegan diet includes chicken.  I am pretty sure that the Vegan Police don’t accept that alibi.  So what gives?

Slightly Less Annoying Than Real Vegans
Slightly Less Annoying Than Real Vegans

I suspect that what Foster is doing is actually a low carb diet and he’s in full ketosis.  Which isn’t all that bad at all of a thing to do.

So, there you have it.  Be a vegan, as long as you eat some meat.


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